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Yggdrasil is a wood-element Six Star Dark Bring used by Jegan.

With the affinities of a tree that photosynthesizes from sunlight, water and air; this dark bring has the power to absorb almost all power and attacks and control and manipulation of plants. If an enemy directly strikes Yggdrasil, the enemy will begin to sprout little seedlings which eventually morph the enemy into a tree. The first time it was seen, When Jegan was defeated by Let, it is unknown if it fell into the ocean or if Jegan had it when he died. It was inevitably destroyed after the destruction of Endless


Yggdrassil was simply a black stone in a circular handheld metal piece. When seen again in Vol. 19, it is worn as an arm bracelet.


Power and Abilities

  • Albero Blade - Jegan grows trees and commands their branches to lash out at the enemy
  • Seed Barker - Jegan grows seed-shooting flowers along the ground. If hit by one of the seeds, it will sprout and use your strength to turn you into a tree.


  • The name derives from the mystical tree in Norse Mythology, and harnesses the power of wood.