White Kiss
White Kiss

Six Star Dark Bring



White Kiss is a air-elemental Six Star Dark Bring used by Reina. This dark bring is able to synthesize silver from literally nothing. In combination with her silverclaiming skills, Reina is able to manipulate whatever substance she can mold it into anything she chooses from shields to spears. After Reina sacrificed herself to destroy the Silver Ray, her dark bring became a part of Musica's new Silver Ray.


It takes the form of a silver snake entwined around the arm of the user.[1]

Powers and Abilities

White Kiss creates metal out of thin air for the user to manipulate (in Reina's case, it creates silver). [2] The user can also use it to attack his or her opponent.

  • Spear Rain - Reina creates several silver balls and uses then to create spears to impale the enemy from multiple directions.
  • Silver Emperor - Reina creates a large, silver figure in the form of an Emperor, which slashes the enemy with a silver sword.


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