Waltzer Flame is a regular Dark Bring. It was originally owned by Shuda until it was destroyed by Haru's Explosion with a little help from Plue and a broken sign.


The Dark Bring is that of a dark sphere encrusted into a bracelet that can be worn in the user's wrist. The bracelet's sides are spherical and between them are marks around the entire circumference.[1]


Waltzer Flame is a Dark Bring that allows the user to produce flames. The flames can be produced on the user's own body[2] or on another body. This ability can be produced on another body by having the user wrap the end part of their arm with their opposite hand and touching the target with their palm. The target's body immediately catches on fire, burning it. These flames cannot be put out unless it is completely submerged under water. The flames wrap around the user over and over again and only stop once the target's body is completely burned.[3]


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