Hello i'm GotMilk5101520 or GM or Mliky chan or however you like to call me. i have signed up to Fairy Tail Wiki for almost a month now and i have been in the Rave Master mood lately and there are some things that i feel like they have not been answered and they are :

After the whole Etherion thing Haru promise Elie something... what was that promise? what did he promised her? and because of YouTube i have been thinking dirty about that "promise"

After Reina's Death Haru told Ruby about who would be the third Rave Master... who was this "third" Rave Master he said?

i'm still trying to catch up on Rave Master am on vol 28. if these questions were answered then let me know i like to know (and i feel these were never answered) well that is it for me Milky signing out later.

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