Hi, I'm Taka, a regular wiki editor from Sket Dance Wikia and Anime Vice. The first Hiro Mashima's anime and manga I enjoyed is Rave Master.

I came here to contribute since I worked saw a wiki editor here who worked on both community sites, SuperTiencha. He helped a lot on the Rave Master pages in that community.

Status: Busy with Sket Dance Wikia, Btooom Wikia, Anime Vice, and school since somehow, I became an Admin and a mod. I will work on a chapter every week like I do for Btooom.

Special Pages


I prefer you guys to contact me on Twitter. Since not everyone has twitter, I'm fine with you guys and gals writing on my wall. If you need me, please write on my wall or contact me on twitter.

Other Wiki Editor's Account

Anime Vice's Projects

In Anime Vice, I had a lot of projects. I'm still new to the wikia sites. With school and Anime Vice, I have to manage my time a bit better. Sometimes, I end up overworking. For Rave Master, my partner, Fire_Star, and I finished the anime project. All synopsis has been added to every episode. SuperTiencha created and added minor characters that my partner and I miss.

I hope to share that with this community here.

Top Priorities

  1. Sket Dance - Help out with the episodes and characters. It's a big one here since it reminds of Anime Vice's situation here.
  2. Rave Master - It looks like Sket Dance Wikia, and the episode pages are not created yet as of 2-22-12.

Work Log

  • 2-22-12 - Worked on episodes 1 and 2 for the anime series. Added Music and Butterfly Kiss pages with the help of Omega natsu2 and SuperTiencha. I added the lyrics and info on Butterfly Kiss.
  • 2-23-12 - Added Higher and Higher by Kumoku page and its lyrics.
  • 3-14-12 - By this date, I completed the wiki pages for episodes 3 - 7 with the help of SuperTiencha and Omega natsu2.
  • 4-8-12 - Mega established a template and guideline for the episode wiki pages. The episodes that seemed to be completed are not complete. Mega and I take different episodes by taking jobs on the Rave Master Team's page. Right now, I have episode 6, 8, and 9. (Finished 6 and 8 today).
  • 5-21-12 - The anime project is going fine with Mega and I finishing episodes 1-22. I just made a stupid comment on Mega's wall when I was stressed out. I can't believe I did that a second time. The first time, I made a dumb comment that became an insult was with my old partner Anna at Anime Vice. Next time, I will not rant on someone's page when I'm stressed out from school. From another person's view, it can viewed as an insult. It was unprofessional. F*ck my life. Sorry Anna and Mega. I'm just a stupid, stressed out fool.

Since I made a 2nd mistake with a dumb comment, I have to put this on my wall to keep that from happening again when I'm stressed out from school. Sorry Annabanana and Omega Natsu2, I'll won't rant on people's wall when I'm stressed out from now on.

  • 5-22-12: I remember Daniel and FoxxFireArt (of Anime Vice) and Lynxian (Sket Dance Wikia) telling me to reword my wiki articles because my work on their Sket Dance Wiki pages are the same. I didn't have time due to school. It's a good thing, I did original work at Rave Master Wikia. I still have to reword articles at Anime Vice and Sket Dance Wikia to keep them original despite I provided the words. I finished episode 26 and 25 by this time.
  • 6-2-12: After I completed some Anthology blogs (Spring and Summer) over at Anime Vice and forgot to do something at Rave Master Wikia, I find Mega already done with the anime. Plus, I had some mistakes in the episodes wiki pages. I should read the rules, or is it just that I'm not used to the format enough. I feel bad that Mega is the only guy running this site alone. Plus, I noticed that Kid Sonic had made a mess of things. I remember violating Fairy Tail's image policy because I was new and didn't know where the policies were. I still follow the rules and ask for help. I guess some people can't listen.
  • 6-18-12: It's awesome that people are talking about Rave Master and Fairy Tail Wikia on the new blog, Rave Master and Fairy Tail Discussion. In Anime Vice, I hardly get anyone to talk with me on Rave Master or Fairy Tail. That's why I love this community.
  • 11-15-2012: I reached 500 edits.

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