The Truth About the Dragon Race
The Truth About the Dragon Race

竜人(ドラゴンレイス) の真実


Ryujin (Doragonreisu) no Shinjitsu

English Dub Title

Return of the Oracion Six, Part 2

Japan Air Date

August 31, 2002

English Air Date

July 3, 2005

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Symphonia arc

Opening Song

Higher and Higher

Ending Song

The Power of Destiny

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The Truth About the Dragon Race is the 47th episode of the Rave Master anime. It first aired on August 31, 2002 and the English version on July 3, 2005.

Let Dahaka states that he will defeat Jegan for Julia's sake. However, Jegan reveals that his Dragon, in reality, is Julia.


Dragon Village Destroyed

Dragon Village Destroyed

As the moon continues to cover the sun, Let is undergoing a transformation. Once the smoke clears up, Jegan stares in awe as he sees a human fist hit the ground. Seconds later, Let assures to himself that he will avenge Julia. Let gains new confidence and strength, Jegan then decides to let his dragon fight Let instead. Jegan turns around and tells his dragon that she will fight, calling it "Julia." Let is left speechless until Jegan breaks the silence assuring Let that the dragon in front of him is indeed Julia. Let, however, does not believe him, since he was there the day Jegan killed her and he saw her dead body. Let also remembers when Jegan attacked him, and, somehow, he survived but the Dragon Race was destroyed. He also remembers burying Julia's body inside the earth.

Julia pins Let down

Julia pins Let down

Julia breaths fire out of her mouth to attack Let as requested by Jegan. While Let gets distracted while thinking about Julia, he is hit with Julia's Dragon tail. Let gets up and hits Julia with a light punch, on her neck. Jegan calls Let a coward for not being able to hit Julia. However, after Jegan commands Julia to tear Let into pieces, she is unable to move. Let explains that he stopped her from moving with his Darong Skill Magical Style "Become a Stone." Let grows wings and charges towards Jegan, landing several hits. As Jegan is falling, his body disappears, and reappears behind Let. Jegan explains that it was an illusion. Furthermore, he reveals that he used the same technique with Julia, and that was how Let could see her dead body. He also confesses that he loved Julia, and because of that he had to separate them.

Let begins to turn into a tree

Let begins to turn into a tree

The sun is now completely covered by the moon. Let gets up and begins to attack Jegan. He remembers Haru's words and finally finds his reason to fight. Despite his effort, Jegan uses his Dark Bring to suck away all of Let's power, Yggdrasil. As let's body begins to turn into a tree, Jegan explains to Let that a year ago, Julia tried to perform the Dragon Race ceremony, but she was unsuccessful and turns into a dark dragon. Meanwhile, Haru is struggling with his fight against Berial. Haru then tries to search for Elie but Berial comes down and prevent him from searching for her, telling him that he will only fight with him. Berial then lifts both Haru and himself higher on top of a rock.

Plue turned to ice

Plue turned to ice

Elsewhere, Elie and the others are gazing at the sky while conversing among one another. Iulius calls for Elie's and the other's attention, asking them if they have time to have such conversations. They turn around and prepare to continue their fight with Iulius. After Elie states that she dislikes girly men, a sword appears on his hand. He swings his sword, turning Plue into an ice cube. Griff, filled with anger, begins to remember all the good deeds Plue did for him. He gets on top of Tanchimo and switches to battle Mode. He runs towards Iulius with full speed. Iulius, however, evades the attack easily; causing Griff and Tanchimo to crash into a wall of rocks.

Reina's sadness

Reina's sadness

Ruby takes out his Bell Holy, which has no effect at all. Elsewhere, Musica and Reina continue their fight. After Musica complements Reina's skills, she mentions Musica's old teacher, Rize. Reina tells Musica that she did research on him, and found out that after his whole family was killed, the Musica family, Rize was the one whom took care of him. However, once Rized died, Musica created the Silver Rhythm Gang. Seconds later, Reina asks Musica where is the Silver ray located, and begins to cry.

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Weapons, Techniques, and Abilities used

Weapons used

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  • Swordsmanship
  • Enhanced Strength
  • Hand to Hand Combat

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