The End of the Fight
The End of the Fight



Tatakai no Hate Ni

English Dub Title

Return of the Oracion Six, Part 4

Japan Air Date

September 14, 2002

English Air Date

July 17, 2005

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Symphonia arc

Opening Song

Higher and Higher

Ending Song

The Power of Destiny

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The End of the Fight is the 49th episode of the Rave Master anime. It first aired on September 14, 2002 and the English version on July 17, 2005.

The Oracion Seis easily overpowers the Rave Warriors. Sieg Hart, however, comes to the rescue of the fallen warriors at the last minute.


Haru gets hit wih Rock Fist

Haru gets hit with Rock Fist

Haru, pinned down on the floor by Berial, watches as the Oración Seis threatens to kill Elie. Berial attacks Haru with multiple Rock Fist. Elie attempts to run to Haru, but is unable to move due to Iulius' Dark Bring. Elie tells Plue, Griffon Kato and Ruby to run away quickly. Iulius congratulates Elie for thinking about her little pets. Elie corrects him, telling him that they are not small, and that they are not pets. Griff and the others hear this, and turn around to see Haru hit with Berial's Rock Fist once again. Berial concludes that once Haru regains consciousness, he will see Elie dead. Iulius tells Reina and Jegan to let him take care of Elie.

Elie fights Iulius

Elie fights Iulius

Iulius gets in-front of Elie, summoning his Ice Sword. Elie regains the ability to move, and begins to attack Iulius with her Tonfa Blasters, using them as dual swords. Iulius isn't taking Elie seriously, and is just playing with her as he easily evades all of her attacks. However, Elie uses her leg to hit him on his masculine private part. Iulius request a time out but Elie gets her Tonfa Blasters in position, and shots Iulius on his face. Berial, and the others, states that it was a big mistake to attack Iulius on his face. Iulius grabs Elie's leg, throws her on the floor and begins to kick her. He then grabs Elie by her hair and begins to slap her until she falls on the floor again. Nonetheless, he continues to torture Elie. From the side, Ruby begins to throw rocks at Iulius, ordering him to leave Elie alone. Iulius approaches Ruby and Plue and kicks them far away.

Elie sacrifices her arm for Griff

Elie sacrifices her arm for Griff

He grabs Elie yet again, but this time, he covers her with ice, launching her to Griff. Elie takes out her hand and sticks it in the ground, causing her to break her arm. Reina and the others stare at Elie in awe, flabbergasted by what Elie just did. Elie tells him to run away, but Griff takes notice of Elie's arm. Nevertheless, Elie still insists that Griff and the other run away. Iulius comes behind Elie and grabs her hair once again, calling her stupid for sacrificing her arm to save her "pet." Elie corrects him, telling him that Griff is his friend. Griff hears Elie's words and begins to feel bad for almost abandoning her, and the others.

Iulius cuts Griff in half

Iulius cuts Griff in half

Iulius places his sword at Elie's neck, ready to cut off her head. However, before Iulius swings his sword, Griff pushes Elie aside and gets cut in half by Iulius. Elie sees Griff's body cut in-half. Rage begins to build up inside of her. The earth begins to crumble, Etherion begins to awaken. Iulius and the others try to move from the area, but their efforts are in vain as Elie's Etherion reaches them, and it reaches Haru and the others as well. The mark the appeared on Elie's arm begins to disappear as Etherion vanishes. Elie falls on the floor due to exhaustion. Iulius comes up to her, but before he attacks Elie, Haru grabs his shoulder then punches him.

Haru attacks Jegan

Haru attacks Jegan

Meanwhile, A mysterious hand reverses Let back to his normal form. Haru begins to attack the Oración Seis with his Silfarion and his Explosion Sword to defeat Jegan. Berial tries to use his G-Earth's Sand Wave, but Haru easily splits it in half with his Mel Force. And finishes Berial off with his Exploding Bomb. Berial gets up and uses his Rock Fist, while Reina uses this as an opportunity to attack. However, Haru uses his Blue Crimson pushing Berial and Reina back. Reina still has fighting spirit left and summons her Silver Emperor. Nonetheless, Haru uses his Exploding Wings to defeat it. One of the Oracion Seis comes behind Haru and hit him on his neck.

Haru falls on top of Elie, swearing to protect her. As Iulius is about to kill both Haru and Elie, a green light appears, pushing all of them away. Haru gets up and sees a man with blue hair protecting them. As the solar eclipse begins to fade away, Haru and Elie are shocked to the Sieg Hart, as the one protecting them.

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  • Swordsmanship
  • Hand to Hand Combat
  • Enhanced Speed
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  • None


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