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The Ten Commandments (Ten Powers Sword in the English dub, or TCM for short) is the sword that draws the inherent powers of the Rave Stones. It has ten forms corresponding to the nature of the stone's ability being summoned. Only the Rave Master has the ability to wield the weapon, and only when the Rave stone is incorporated onto the sword will it work.


Galein Musica forged it to be originally Shiba Roses's sword using a raw magical material for his mission in the Symphonian war, but after 50 year the latter eventually lends it to Haru Glory upon his succession of the title of the Rave Master.

However, when it was learned that the sword was designed specifically for Shiba, Haru could never use it to its full potential, gain control of the 9th sword or even unlock the 10th and final form, Hamrio Music forged a new one exclusively for Haru with a new 10th sword form.


The Ten Commandments' default appearance is a huge sword with a slot in which the Rave stone is inserted. This normal configuration of the sword is known as the first of its ten forms, The Steel Sword: Eisenmeteor (鋼鉄の剣「アイゼンメテオール).

Its rain-guard is triangular, with intricate patterns embellished on it. On its central ridge are the words "Eisenmeteor" (only in the manga). The sword vertically reaches Haru's torso, and save for the Rave Masters who are capable of wielding it easily. But true to its appearance, it is a regular bulky metal sword with no special abilities.

Special Features

When the main Rave Stone is embedded in to the sword, it has the ability to manifestation into its variations with different and unique powers and techniques, even when the Rave stone is not embedded into the blade. The sword is nearly indestructible as the raw magical material used to forge the sword was described to be harder than any diamond on the planet, when Hamrio Musica forged a new one for Haru, adding a drop of silver from his skull necklace, it became more durable than the original.



  • It is known as the Decaforce in the English anime adaptation and Ten Powers in the English manga version.
  • A weapon of the same name appears in Hiro Mashima's next work, Fairy Tail. In the series, Erza Knightwalker employs a magic staff that changes forms, depending on the nature of the ability Knightwalker wishes to draw out. The staff shares the name and abilities of the Rave Master's sword, save for Gravity Core. In addition, Knightwalker's weapon is not known to possess the forms of Eisenmeteor, Million Suns, and Sacrifar.