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Tanchimo is a prominent member of the Rave Warriors and a minor character in the rave master series.


Tanchimo has a rabbit-like appearance and walks like an emu. His head is always shaking back and forth frantically.


He is very loyal to Griffon Kato, his master, who always gives him carrots to eat. He is also a very gentle creature and has accompanied Haru and Ellie (the protagonists) throughout their adventures in the story.


Tanchimo might not be able to fight, but he is often used for transportation during the team's adventures. He is able to pull carts carrying up to several people in them. He always helps them out in any way he can, such as helping Griffin Kato escape during their encounter with the Jiggle-Butt Gang, and helping carry Celia in her mermaid form during the Mermaid's Peril Arc.


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