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The Star Memory is a mysterious location of crystallized aggregation phenomena storing all of humanity's memories. According to Symphonia legend, anyone who enters will have the power to control time and space and rewrite history to their wish.


Before the World of Rave, there was the previous and true world where the apocalypse brought it to the end. All the lands were deserted, temperature rising, plagues were spread leading to a substantial birth decrease until nobody on earth was left. All except for one human managed to arrive at the Star Memory changed the space-time continuum. The world was concurrently divided into two in a separate parallel timeline where everybody survives and time resuming with life as natural.

However, this salvation was also treated as an unjust act towards God where the creation of the new "false" world simultaneously resulted in the power to destroy it. The force known as Endless that will eradicate the whole world and everything in it.


Its whereabouts are unknown as it randomly changes locations beyond the limits of human comprehension. Only either the Rave Stones or Mother Dark Brings in their unified form can point the location with the Raves being the front door and the DBs the backdoor.

Whenever its location shifts after fulfilling its role, they leave behind a starry trail of memorial crystals that can view the past.


Its dimensional interior resembles that of a glittering universe while surrounded and covered in a black ominous sphere.

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