Sincliar Dark Bring

Lucia Raregroove

Sinclair (シンクレア) is one of the Mother Dark Brings, the ultimate rank of its type.


Its main core take the form of a tiny golden hiltless sword with a pair of golden guard shaped like a bat's wings at both sides. Its center is adorned with a purple gem.


In the historic Symphonian War, Shiba Roses, through the aid of Plue and the immense mystical light powers of the Rave Stones, delivered the finishing blow to the last, and the mother Dark Bring. The Dark Bring collapsed, and Shiba began to leave, relieved the war had come to its conclusion. Plue, however, stayed behind, having sensed the remaining evil life-force within the Dark Bring. Realizing this a tad too late, Shiba turned in time to witness first-hand the legendary Overdrive.

Power and Abilities

Its main ability is causing large explosions and creation of warped dimensional spaces that can pressurize anything within range into annihilation.

  • Minor Explosions: Powerful as almost the Overdrive, but on a smaller scale.
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