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The Silver Rhythm Gang
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Professional Status

Hamrio Musica



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Chapter 9

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Episode 3

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Silver Rhythm Gang is Hamrio Musica's gang and the crew of the Advent. They started motley crew of thieves and brigands but over time grew into a massive force but are nonetheless loyal to Musica and his friends. Though much of their wealth was is legal but dubeius some ill gotten from bad people, it did enable them to buy a state-of-the-art air ships the "called Silver Knights." They occasionally join and help out Haru's group. They appear during the final fight to assist Haru and gang in reaching the Star Memory. And after the war form one of the main groups wiich include 75 percent of imperial forces who Did not follow white snow and rebuild by another 425 percent by new recruits there where also other groups that increase the organizational numbers and other groups Haru helped includeng most former demon card members who where loyal to king do not follow his son under any cercumstances and Shuda group and resistance groups and reformed and redeemed organizations doubled that manpower basicicaly made the of newly increase imperail symphonian rave liberation army by 10 times the size of the old one which currently control most of the world the accept one continent and its ruler in a mainly de jure manner is synphioian kaiser or emperor Haru glory.

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