Showdown! Musica's Two Swords
Release the Beasts, Part 4

対決! ムジカのふたつの剣


Taiketsu! Musika no futatsu no ken

English Dub Title

Release the Beasts, Part 4

Japan Air Date

November 17, 2001

English Air Date

July 10, 2004

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Lance arc

Opening Song

Butterfly Kiss

Ending Song

Kohaku no Yurikago
The Power of Destiny

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Showdown! Musica's Two Swords is the 6th episode of the Rave Master anime. It first aired on November 17, 2001 and the English version on July 10, 2004.

The battle between Haru and Lance intensifies as Lance overwhelms Haru with his beast illusions, combined with his Dark Bring. But before things could get more tragic, the battle was interrupted by Galein's sacrificial attempt for redemption.


Lance's real Illusion

Lance's real Illusion

While Haru and Lance battle, Galein reflects on his past and relieves himself that the Ten Commandments was his finest work. Then Galein suddenly remembers his back after Lance slaughtered his family. Galein was dragged in by Lance who spared Galein's life because of his usefulness in the future. Lance shows Galein his Dark Bring he received as his promotional reward in becoming 17th squad commander, and request Galein to embed it into his Beast Sword. But Galein declines Lance's order, saying he quit his blacksmithing days after forging his "regretting" creation. Disappointed, Lance replies that he will find someone else to do the job. Having remembered about the Dark Bring and Lance having upgraded his sword, Galein realizes that Haru is in danger.

Haru Blocks Lance's attack

Haru blocks Lance's attack

Back at Lance's headquarters, everyone gets surprised as the dragon illusion actually injures Haru from biting him. Haru gets startled at why the illusion's attack seemed real at the moment. Both resume their swordfight until Haru notices the Dark Bring and realizes it was its power that makes illusions become real. Lance keeps swinging illusions one by one until launching a pack of wolf illusions at Haru, but manages to defend using Explosion. Lance gets enthusiastic with the battle shoots a dragon illusion which Haru deflects, but catches Haru off guard with his illusions and lands a strike on Haru.

Cattleya has a bad omen

Cattleya has a bad omen

On Garage Island, Cattleya notices she rips Haru's shirt and thinks it is an omen, but Nakajima thinks Cattleya has buff arms which she doesn't take lightly. Cattleya thinks it is odd that Haru's shirt rips despite not being worn out at all. Back to Haru's battle, Haru managed to dodge Lance's attack barely. After Haru mentions the Musica family massacre, he begins attacking Lance in a frenzy rage. Musica observes that Haru's temper against Lance is getting to the best of him, as Lance manages to block Haru's impulsive attacks leaving no room for defense.

Haru attacks Lance with rage

Haru attacks Lance with rage

Suddenly, Plue jumps in to stop Haru. which catches Haru's attention and Musica prompts Haru should calm down. Haru regains his senses and apologizes until Lance picks up Plue and tosses him to be a flying target for a lion illusion. But Plue manages to avoid getting its nose stuck in the ceiling. But thanks to Plue, Haru learns of the Real Moment's weakness; the illusions are real only for a temporary instant. But despite learning that fact, Haru still gets damaged by the illusions as they can hone onto their targets through their keen sense of smell.

Before Lance could finish off Haru, Galein jumps in and holds down Lance. He apologizes to Haru for not telling him about Lance's Dark Bring sooner. With Haru's health already at its limit from the Explosion attacks, Galein (and Plue) try and hold him down, with Galein urging Haru to pierce his sword through them.

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Battles & Events

Weapons and Abilities used

Weapons used

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Abilities used

  • Swordsmanship
  • Enhanced Speed
  • Enhanced Strength

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