Rune Save, the Sealing Sword
The Sword of Sealing, Runesave

封印の剣 ルーンセイブ


Fūin no Ken Rūnseibu

English Dub Title

Out of Time, Part 4

Japan Air Date

March 9, 2002

English Air Date

November 13, 2004

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Mystery of Elie arc

Opening Song

Butterfly Kiss

Ending Song

Kohaku no Yurikago
The Power of Destiny

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Rune Save, the Sealing Sword is the 22nd episode of the Rave Master anime. It first aired on March 9, 2002 and the English version on November 13, 2004.

Haru absorbs the power of Etherion from Elie to his sword. This causes his attacks to be very effective against Sieg Hart. Reina remembers why she was ordered to watch over Sieg Hart. Sieg Hart explains to Haru that Elie is an experiment in the Etherion Project. Sieg Hart then summons Altairis, the element of the universe, to alter time and space into nothingness.


Haru hits Sieg

Haru hits Sieg

Haru, while protecting Elie, seals again the Poison Element with his sword. Leaving Sieg Hart astonished. Haru remembers Deerhound's words and gains the confidence to fight Sieg Hart. Sieg Hart unleashes a wave of thunder, but it is easily sealed away by Haru's sword, The sealing Sword, Rune Save. Ten Commandments' 4th form. With the ability to cut shapeless things like lighting and fire. Haru attacks Sieg Hart with a barrage of the Explosion's attack. Hidden by the smoke, Haru changes the form of the Ten Commandments back to its basic form and manages to hit Sieg.

Sieg sets Haru on fire

Sieg sets Haru on fire

As Sieg walks towards Haru, Haru states that Sieg cannot block an attack from a steel sword that has no magical power. Meanwhile, Reina watches Haru and Sieg fight from the top of a tower while wondering about what they call destiny. Haru charges towards Sieg but Sieg dodges his attack with the Wind Element. Sieg then uses the Fire Element to engulf Haru with fire. However, Haru manages to seal away the fire with his Rune Save. Sieg begins to explain to Haru the power of Etherion, and that only Resha Valentine could use that power at will. Sieg Hart tells Haru that if Etherion is used, Elie's body will shatter and time will go wild. And caused more destruction than the Overdrive 50 years ago.

Sieg begins to cast a spell

Sieg begins to cast a spell

He states that if Etherion awakes, itwill destroy 90% of the world. Sieg then asks Haru if he preferred the girl over the world, giving Haru something tothink about. Haru tells him that he will save both Elie and the world. Soon after Haru tells him what he plans to do, Sieg Hart begins tocast a spell, Altairis. Suddenly, the city's scenery begins to disappear. After the spell consumes Haru, he is left in an empty place. Meanwhile, Musica and the others are still searching for Haru and Elie. Elie's hand begins to move, and she tells herself that she must save Haru.

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Weapons, Techniques, and Abilities used

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  • None

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  • Swordsmanship
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  • Crystal Ball


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