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Rugar was a Demon Card robotic soldier under Shuda's command.


Rugar full body

Rugar full body

Rugar has long, spiky hair falling over the sides of his face, which he keeps a little past his nape. He only has one eye; the other has two metallic, parallel lines running the length of the area above his eyebrow to that under his eyes. It is also lined with twelve metal dots, six on each side of the metallic lines.[1]

In the manga, Rugar's outfit consists of a black shirt, loose pants with the pant-legs rolled up to his calves, and a pair of dark slippers.[1] In the anime, however, Rugar wears a green shirt, shorts, and brown boots.[2]


Rugar's reaction to being called a goon

Rugar's reaction to being called a goon

Rugar shares a good companionship with his partner, Poosya. He does not, however, share the latter's views with regards to climbing the Demon Card ranks. He does not believe in the idea that either one of them is capable of becoming a Demon Card general, as what Poosya fantasizes about.[1] When Rugar was called a goon by Hamrio Musica he, after looking and finding the definition, angrily attacks Musica and warns him not to call him a goon. He even went as far as to making the moving fortress self-destruct as a revenge, with him on the ship.


Intro Arc

Rugar talks to Shuda

Rugar talks to Shuda

Rugar cheers for Shuda as he fights the new Rave master, and sets sail once again with Shuda and the others.[3] In the moving fortress of Rhapsodia, Rugar and Poosya converse about the general, Lady Reina, whom Poosya is fantasizing over. He reminds his friend that despite Reina's looks, she is still a general who could finish them off if they so much as touch her. As he dismisses Poosya's idea of climbing to the rank of general in order to impress Reina, Shuda arrives.[1]

Shuda arrives to TM

Rugar and the others arrive to TM

Rugar stands next to Shuda as they arrive at Tremelo Mountain asking the Demon Card workers if they found Rave yet, to which they reply negatively. Shuda looks at Rugar and Poosya and tells them not to worry, as they walk inside the mountain.[4] Rugar receives a call notifying him that the Rave Master is inside Tremelo Mountain, but nonetheless they keep walking.[5] Moments later, Rugar receives another call telling him that the assassin has made contact with Haru Glory.[6][7]

Rugar punches Musica

Rugar punches Musica

Rugar arrives with Shuda and Poosya to where Schneider is taking care of his injuries, and sees him leave to find the Rave Master once again.[8] Moments after Haru and the others bid their farewells to Deerhound, Rugar walks in with the others challenging the Rave Warriors to a battle.[9] Rugar agrees with Shuda when he says that to become strong you must throw away all of your weakness, but states that not all humans can do so. Rugar and Poosya partner up to fight Hamrio Musica and Elie on the flying Rhapsodia. Rugar is called a goon, a word which he does not understand and begins to search up. Once he find the definition he sends his fist towards Musica, landing a powerful blow, telling him to never call him a goon again.[10]

Rugar and Poosya ready to fight

Rugar and Poosya ready to fight

As they continue to fight, Musica is hit by one of Shuda's attack, leading Rugar to explain how his attacks work. He tells Hamrio that Shuda's Dark Bring, Ballettänzer Zeffrea, is able to create explosions in mid-air, but that it's hard to control; which he states is not an issue for Shuda. Rugar gets ready to fight once again as he sees Musica getting up.[11]

Rugar and Poosya defeated

Rugar and Poosya defeated

Rugar's face is grabbed by Musica and then he is thrown back, but regains his posture and gets in form for another attack, Delta Cannon; which is broken into little pieces when it hits Musica's shield. Soon after, the pieces are grabbed by Poosya's glue and they combine it together to create an attack called Omega Rain. They use it to attack Musica but fail when Musica uses his Silver Claiming ability to grab them both by their neck and send them flying. Rugar lays on the floor, defeated, next to Poosya.[12]

After Shuda is defeated, Rugar sits behind a rock and sets Rhapsodia to self-destruct, whilst screaming that this is his way of revenge for being called a goon.[13] Rugar is on top of the moving fortress when it explodes.[14]


Cyborg: Rugar has the abilities of a cyborg, since his whole body was constructed with the elements of one. He can dispatch his arm and use it as a weapon to attack other opponents, giving him the upper hand. His right eye is his most prominent feature as it is able to send information to his brain on whatever he wants. For example, when Hamrio called him a 'goon', a word which he did not know of, his eye starts to show many little letters and appears to be scanning until Rugar finds what he needs.

  • Delta Canon: Rugar fires a triangle-like figure from his arm with great speed towards his opponent(s).[15]
  • Omega Rain: Rugar and Poosya combine their attacks; Rugar's Delta Canon and Poosya's Glue Tear, and form what they call Omega Rain. Poosya's Glue Tear gets attached to the end of the Rugar's Delta Canon. They used this attack as a rain of spear/arrows to attack Musica with. The attack is strong enough to make deep holes in the ground.[16]



  • (To Hamrio Musica) "Hey! you are calling us names! You will pay for that!"[17]
  • (To Hamrio Musica) "This is what you get for calling me a goon! I'm ganna wipe out everything! Everything!"[18]

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