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Rave of Truth



Shinjitsu no Reevu


Holy Bring


Haru Glory
Shiba Roses (Former)

The Rave of Truth (真実のレイヴ, Shinjitsu no Reevu) is the final Rave Haru Glory obtains from Alpine Spaniel, the sole survivor of the Azure Sky Warriors.

Powers and Abilities

This Rave represents the whole truth of the world, especially when it confirms its true master. It was presumably the key component for when the Rave Stones should reunite as one, and for its master to tap in its exponential power.


During the year 0015, the Rave of Knowledge along with the other four Holy Brings was created by Resha Valentine and entrusted its god use to the 1st Rave Master, Shiba Roses.[1]

When Shiba destroyed the Sinclaire and the Overdrive occurred, the Rave of Knowledge was scattered across the continents. Upon the year 0065, it was guarded for fifty years by Alpine Spaniel the only living Azure Sky Warrior, who used magic to call forth the spirits of the other three warriors as other guardians.

Upon Haru's arrival to the Delhalia Mountains, the Rave glowed only to Shiba for he is still the true Rave Master. For the Rave to acknowledge Haru, Shiba challenges Haru to a sword duel to the death as the latter's final trial. With Alice's reversal antidote, Shiba easily overpowers Haru in terms of their respective beliefs and experience. After Haru realized his true reason for his battle for the world, he manages to stand up and turn the tides against Shiba. With the fight ended with Haru's win and Shiba's sacrifice in return, the Rave, bearing witness to the duel, approves Haru as the now and true Rave Master.


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