Rave of Knowledge
Rave of Knowledge



Chishiki no Reevu


Holy Bring


Haru Glory
Shiba Roses (Former)

The Rave Of Knowledge (知識のレイヴ, Chishiki no Reevu) (or Rave of Wisdom in the Manga) is the first Rave Haru Glory obtains from the bear Deerhound, one of the deceased Azure Sky Warriors.

Powers and Abilities

According to Deerhound, the Rave plants the user acute knowledge the necessity arises. This allows Haru to call upon the other forms of the Ten Commandments, minus the original final form, and probably the combination attacks.


During the year 0015, the Rave of Knowledge along with the other four Holy Brings was created by Resha Valentine and entrusted its god use to the 1st Rave Master, Shiba Roses.[1]

When Shiba destroyed the Sinclaire and the Overdrive occurred, the Rave of Knowledge was scattered across the continents. Upon the year 0065, it was guarded for fifty years by the deceased Azure Sky Warrior, Deerhound, whose spirit borrowed the form of a bear.[2]

After Deerhound entrusts Haru with the rave, he pledges with Haru that "there must never be another war, that's why the Rave power exists, to promote good and to destroy the source of evil." With Haru giving his solemn vow, Deerhound gladly departs to the afterlife. [3]


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