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Mega Yunitto

Location Statistics
Located In

Kuba Desert

Manga Debut

Chapter 79

Anime Debut

Episode 44

MegaUnit is the Imperial Army's solitary maximum prison located in the desert of the Albana Continent.


The prison is located in the continent's Kuba Desert in its central-eastern peninsula.


It was where Lucia Raregroove was held in life confinement after the Imperial Army's raid on DC's Marry Loose branch. Sometime before and after Haru's victory over King, the Sinclaire Mother DB approached Lucia and implanted him knowledge of all the world's knowledge, including his father's demise. After the events of Edel Lake, it was then Lucia escaped destroying the prison single-handedly .[1]

Interior Design

Sieg's Reaction
Not much is known about its exterior since the prison was destroyed upon debut. While the prison in ruins, the underground extends to a maximum depth of 66 Floors where Lucia's cell resides.

Lucia's cell is cubed by concrete walls, which were later covered in horrendous graffiti presumably after Lucia obtained the Sinclair piece.


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