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Gale Glory





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Professional Status





Gale Glory (son; deceased)
Sakura Glory (daughter-in-law; deceased)
Cattleya Glory (granddaughter)
Haru Glory (grandson)
Levin Glory (great-grandson)

Malakia Symphonia Glory V is the father of Gale Glory and the grandfather of Cattleya Glory and Haru Glory. He is also the last prince of the Symphonia Kingdom.


Malakia Symphonia Glory V is very similar to his father and has average height and weight, with a lean body structure.


Early Life

Fourteen thousand years ago, Malakia Symphonia Glory V is born as a prince of the Symphonia Kingdom. When he was a child, Malakia meets Resha Valentine and Shiba Roses for the first time and accompanies her on a journey so great. When his country was threatened by the Imperial Empire over a border dispute, his father attempted to prevent the outbreak of war by declaring that anyone who attacked the larger nation's representatives was to be executed. The Imperial Empire had easily kidnap him. With one of the Rave Stones in her possession, the Imperial Empire's Queen has Malakia put into slavery with the other children.

Life as a Slave

As a slave, he was growing and at the same time being able to work very hard until the very end. However, Great Honorable Geezer laid sight to the growing boy who was suffering in pain and approached and freed him. He revealed to the boy the sinister nature of the Imperial Empire, urging him to seek out the truth. Once the boy sees learned about the people were prepared for war against the Raregroove Kingdom, Malakia wants to hear the whole truth about the Imperial Empire's creation and future tyrannical rule. The Great Honorable Geezer gives him the special Rave Stone which will only to be caught by the Imperial Queen and her royal guard. The Great Honorable Geezer was injected by the evil curse. As it turned out, Shiba Roses and his pet had come to the rescue and eventually freed the Great Honorable Geezer. However, it was too late for the Great Honorable Geezer as he tells Malakia that the only way to kill the curse was by unleashing the massive explosion through the touch of the hand.


After the incident, Malakia Symphonia Glory V was married to the young princess from the neighboring kingdom and had a son. On his deathbed, Malakia named his son Gale to honor his father's legacy.

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