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The Rave Master Wiki is a website dedicated to providing resourceful information to the readers of the Rave Master Manga created by Hiro Mashima, and the anime produced by Studio Deen. We are currently managing over 703 Articles on this wiki. Help us polish our articles to their maximum potential by joining our community!
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Oración Seis

Oración Seis is a group of the six most powerful warriors and leaders in the terrorist organization known as Demon Card.

The group was initially composed of Shuda, Reina, Jegan, Berial, Haja and Julius. After Shuda defected, his vacant spot was filled by Deep Snow.

Final Manga Chapter
The Endless Journey Cover.png
Epilogue: Epilogue: The Endless Journey

Spoiler alert! Read at your own risk!

One year after the destruction of Endless, Elie, who has lost her memory once again after killing Haru Glory, seems to have started living a normal life along with everyone else. The Rave Warriors start gathering around the site where Haru had died in order to remember him. However, the earth starts breaking and from the crumbles, Haru appears. Everyone is surprised and Elie starts remembering him. They then return to Cattleya's house, where they marry along the companionship of their friends.

Read the full summary Epilogue: The Endless Journey.

Final Anime Episode

The Vow to the Future

The Rave Warriors find themselves within an advance spellbound barrier, secluded from the rest of Symphonia. They send Elie to venture deeper into the forest in order to reclaim her memory. Meanwhile, the Oración Seis returns to their headquarters, where they are greeted by their new commander: Lucia Raregroove, Gale Raregroove's son. As the teen claims his throne, the Oración Seis readies for the future.

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Clashing Titans!
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Just what do you know about lady Resha? Any further comments of this nature will be considered treason against the kingdom

Alpine Spaniel, Knights of Kingdom part 2

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  • ...that Feber made a brief appearance on a chapter cover, going on a date?
  • ...that Celia was inspired by Hiro's love of the summer?
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Hello i'm GotMilk5101520 or GM or Mliky chan or however you like to call me. i have signed up to Fairy Tail Wiki for almost a month now and i have been in the Rave Master mood lately and there are some things that i feel like they have not been answered and they are :

After the whole Etherion thing Haru promise Elie something... what was that promise? what did he promised her? and because of YouTube i have been thinking dirty about that "promise"

After Reina's Death Haru told Ruby about who would be the third Rave Master... who was this "third" Rave Master he said?

i'm still trying to catch up on Rave Master am on vol 28. if these questions were answered then let me know i like to know (and i feel these were never answered) well that is it f…

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Alrighty, so since there wasn't a Rave Master Fanon Wikia i decided to make one!

the website is here

just something i'd thought people would want to know about

PandoraTalk 23:00, October 17, 2013 (UTC)

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PandoraStar411 PandoraStar411 17 October 2013

Rave Master Fanon Wikia??

I was just wondering if there was a Rave Master Fanon wikia that has yet to be made because im thinking of creating one.

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Because my summer break has, at long last, finally rolled in, I can now safely return to the interwebs and totally forget how much of a disaster my first year in college had been. Before anything else, I really am sorry to everyone who I left behind in this Wiki. I know I've been a horrible contributor (blah, blah, blah...), but I assure you I will be available all summer long, and I'll try to make the best of it. To any new user whom I haven't met before (had appeared at some point while I was burning in the hell that is my Uni), greetings! I'm the Wiki's resident Onion, Alois!

And to the others who already know me, *grovels and desperately begs for you mercy and forgiveness*.

So my personal woes aren't really the point of this blog…

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Takashichea Takashichea 16 April 2013

Rave Master x Fairy Tail Crossover Anime Adaptation

Manga creator Hiro Mashima announced at midnight on Tuesday that his Fairy Tail and Rave (Rave Master) crossover manga is being adapted into anime. The anime will be bundled on DVD with the special edition of Fairy Tail's 39th manga volume on August 16.

In the crossover story, Fairy Tail's main character Natsu and Rave's main character Haru are lost, so Lucy and Elie —the heroines of both series — embark on a search for them.

Mashima published the original crossover one-shot manga story in the May issue of Kodansha's Magazine Special magazine in 2011. In addition to the material he already created for the crossover manga, Mashima is drawing the original artwork for new sequences in the anime. The new sequences will add Musica and Let, two Ra…

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