Lucia Raregroove
Lucia Raregroove

Rushia Reagurōbu


The Blonde Demon
Dark Bring Master




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July 7, 0050

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Demon Card Mark Demon Card

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Using Dark Bring


Marry Loose


Dark Bring Master

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Demon Card Headquarters

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Gale Raregroove (Father, Deceased)
Emilia Raregroove (Mother, Deceased)
Deep Snow (Adopted Brother)
Shakuma Raregroove (Grandfather)

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Dark Bring




Manga Debut

Chapter 80

Anime Debut

Episode 44

Japanese Voice

Soichiro Hoshi

English Voice

Armando Valdes-Kennedy

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Lucia Raregroove (ルシア・レアグローブ Rushia Reagurōbu) is Gale Raregroove's and Emilia Raregroove's son, and heir to the Raregroove kingdom.


As a child, Lucia was a rather thin young boy with short blond hair reaching to his neck. Whilst he was still living with both Gale Raregroove, his father, and Emilia Raregroove, his mother, he wore a simple green shirt with light gray summer shorts, with black vertical stripes jutting downwards.[1] During the time he was kept inside prison, he solely wore long gray pants ripped up in several locations and no shirt and shoes. However, later on he gained new clothing, gray pants in good condition and a light black shirt.[2]

Lucia's final attire

Lucia's armor

As a teen, Lucia is a slim, yet muscular and toned young man of average height, with light tanned skin, and blond hair, which is kept in scraggy strands jutting in all directions. His hair reaches down to his neck and covers most of his forehead, with a prominent bang pushing towards the left, and numerous spiky strands facing every direction, with one coming down across his eyes. He has slanted golden eyes, and below the right one is a visible, moderate-size, scar, diagonally going down his right cheek. He gained his scar when Slade attacked his father's, Gale Raregroove, headquarters; Demon Card's former building. His scar later appears under his right cheek but vertically across. He has a small, mildly round nose and small lips with thin eyebrows. He wears a silver ring on his right hand with a cross engraved in the center.[3]

Lucia dons a dark blue opened jacket with white fur trim and a white interior. Behind the jacket there is a big red mark, most likely to be that of sigma 44, a ship owned by a group of bandits, killed by Lucia, who were after the Rave Master. The mark takes the form of a sword with a sun-shaped figure in the middle. Attached to the sun is what appears to be two horns on either side, and under them are a pair of eyes-like shaped symbols. Underneath his jacket he wears a blue light, long sleeve shirt with lighter colored edges reaching down below his knees. The sleeves are adorned with a golden color, as well as the jacket's top middle section itself and behind it, on either side circling around the sleeves' elbow. His last garment of clothing is that of a light colored green, button up, tight shirt taking the figure of his abdominal with an impressively larger, white collar -with black lines- reaching above his cheeks with two buttons on either side. His green shirt has black lines all over it. Around his neck he wears a white collar and the Silclair necklace, which he calls mother. Wrapped around his forehead is a black, light belt kept on the left side of his head, reaching down below his neck. He wears dark blue pants with a light white belt tied around his hips and simple brown boots. He kept his old sword tucked inside his jacket's back.[4] Lucia's second outfit consist of a dark colored armor covering most of his body. Both his arms are covered by thick black spaulders, with some spiky, round shaped abject jutting upwards, circling around. He dons a pair of gauntlet on both his hands. And a Fauld around his hips reaching down to his knees. He wears black pants and a belt tied around his hips. And a cape with the Demon Card insignia on the back, and fur spotted on the edges. This outfit resembles the traditional Japanese armour.[5]


Lucia hides behind his mom

Lucia hides behind his mom

Lucia was shown to have a timid personality when he was young and was still at the care of both his parents, as shown when Gale Glory came back to Demon Card's headquarters to talk over some things with his, Lucia's, father, Gale Raregroove; Lucia timidly looked at him and hid behind his mother, Emilia. He seems to of had a strong love for his mother. When Demon Card was attacked by Slade, Lucia was seen hugging his mother tightly, in fear for their life.[6] That, however, soon changed. During the time he was kept in prison, he found the mother Dark Bring Sinclair. The aura around him turn into darkness and he was then known as the "blonde demon," do to his power and his blood-thirst. As time went by, Lucia was centered around darkness and was always lonely.[7]

Lucia strangles a man

Lucia strangles a man

When Lucia escaped from prison he kills an entire army without any remorse whatsoever, not shocking many. Later on, he leaves one man alive, hoping that he would tell him how to get to Symphonia. However, when the man tells him that he has no idea how to get there, Lucia kills him immediately. On the way to Symphonia, Lucia manages to take down 50 teams within four days and take captive an entire ship, which he used to get to Symphonia. Lucia also has a rude persona, as displayed when he avoided his conversation with Haru and forcefully kisses Elie. Once he lets go of Elie, he stars to laugh and licks his lips, even though Elie cries. He also seems to be very confident in his power and what he is capable of.[8] He does not treat his workers fair, as sated by Raina, and calls them trash. When Reina died, he had no sympathy; rather, badmouths her death.[9] He doesn't care about who he has to kill in order to obtain power, as shown when he kills Lady Joker.[10]

Even though he is shown to be ruthless, Lucia shows love for his family and respects his father dearly. Whilst by himself, at night after his coronation, he calls his father a great man and promises to avenge him. However, he also calls him a weak man and that his own weakness was what betrayed him. During his last moment, he expresses his feelings and tells Haru that he was always lonely, and that his time in the world is simply "killing time," as he calls it. He then entrust the world to Haru.[11]


Lucia in jail

Lucia, as a kid, in jail

At a very young age, Lucia met his father's best friend, Gale Glory, who tried to prevent Demon Card from using the Dark Brings' power. That, however, resulted in an tragic accident. When Gale Glory left the Demon Card building, Slade, the man who Gale Glory told everything to, assaulted Lucia's family, killing his mother and many of the Demon Card members. It was then believed that Lucia was killed along with his mother.[12] However, it was later revealed that he survived the assault and was taken prisoner at the Megaunit, where he lived for most of his life.[13] At one point of his life he gained a scar and also found the mother Dark Bring, Sinclair. He lived in solitude his whole life, as he said to his sworn enemy, Haru Glory.[14]


Symphonia arc

Lucia arrives

Lucia arrives

After escaping the MegaUnit, Lucia Raregroove, annihilates an entire army of men. He then grabs one of the survivors and asks him for directions to Symphonia. However, before the man can say anything, Lucia kills him without remorse.[15] Nevertheless, Lucia manages to enter Symphonia. There, he meets Haru Glory, Elie, Hamrio Musica, Let Dahaka, and the others. He sits down and begins to explain that the five dark pillars of lights, are the true five Dark Brings. He states that once the five true Dark Brings are brought together, the door to the Star Memory will open. He also reveals that he plans to collect all of them, and head to Star Memory. Elie and the others notice a gigantic ship behind Lucia, Sigma 44.[16]

Lucia reveals his Dark Bring

Lucia reveals his Dark Bring

They conclude that it must belong to Lucia. Lucia, however, states that he defeated the leader, and its members simply because he needed a ship to reach Symphonia through Death Storm. Moments later, Lucia grabs his necklace, calling it mother. The sigma 44 ship explodes, leaving the others speechless. Haru angrily walks towards him, but before he can reach Lucia, Lucia kicks a big amount of different team flags at Haru, telling them that he defeated fifty teams within four days, shocking the others. Seconds later, he tells them that he is the Dark Bring Master, and that he wants to go to the Star Memory to obtain power. Haru and the others try to stop him, but he shows them his Dark Bring, Sinclair.[17]

Haru aims at Lucia

Lucia targeted by Haru

Once Lucia reveals his Dark Bring to the other, he begins to walk towards Haru. However, he walks pass Haru and stops in front of Elie. He grabs Elie's chin and forcefully kisses her. Once Elie pushes him away from her, he states that she is not living, only existing. Enraged by his actions and words, Musica, Let, and Haru prepare to fight him. Lucia pulls out his sword and slams it on the ground, sending a powerful shock-wave strong enough to push everyone back. Lucia leaves, telling Elie that they will meet once again at the Star Memory.[18] After the Oración Seis retreats from their battle with the Rave Warriors and Sieg Hart, they return to the Demon Card Headquarters. As they keep walking and talking about new plans, one of their henchman comes flying from inside the throne room. The Oración Seis heads towards that room, and see the Blond Demon. Before the Oración Seis is able to attack, Haja uses one of his Magic spells, Vault Number 1369, to summon the Decalogue sword. He explains to the Oración Seis, that the heir to Demon Card is none other than the man standing before them, Lucia Raregroove. The others are extremely shocked to know that the Blond Demon is Gale Raregroove's son.[19]

Mermaid's Peril arc

Lucia claims Demon Card lives

Lucia claims Demon Card still lives

At the Demon Card Headquarters, Reina is arguing with Lucia for pushing the soldiers and treating them like trash. Lucia, however, says that he will keep pushing them beyond their limits until they die, and states that all weaklings should fall prostrate before him. Lucia announces that it is time for the revival of Demon Card, and calls forward Deep Snow, naming him the six and the newest member of the Oración Seis. Lucia reveals that King told Deep Snow to infiltrate the Imperial Military to enable Demon Card to smuggle secret weapons into the empire. Before Lucia leaves the room, he explains his plan to the Oración Seis, and shows them the location of two pieces of Sinclair. Lucia leaves, in preparation for his coronation. While alone, Lucia calls his father a great man, and states that the Raregroove blood has not been crushed.[20] Later, that day, Lucia sits on his throne, and awaits for his crown. Once he is named the new Raregroove Kingdom's king, he tells his people that he is ultimate darkness, and that he will never betray them. With the coronation coming to an end, the people are content, and cheer for their brand-new king.[21] After his coronation, Lucia heads to his room, and begins to sleep. Some time later, He experiences the same dream Haru has been experiencing lately. However, unlike Haru, Lucia seems to enjoy the dream.[22]

Star Vestige arc

Lucia threatens Lady Joker

Lucia threatens Lady Joker

Lucia is informed of Reina's death by Lady Joker, Demon Card's intelligence officer. She also notifies him that Jegan has only obtained one of the Sinclaire stones. Lucia calls Reina a useless woman. Lady Joker states that the name of the dead should not be besmirch. However, before she is able to finish her sentence, Lucia grabs her and throws her into a wall. After Lucia threatens her, he declares that he will commence Project DR, and that he will defeat the Rave Master, Haru Glory, no matter how powerful he grows, calling him a weakling.[23] Once the gathering of the requested special people is completed, Lucia comes forward. He calls himself pure darkness, the blackest soul of all history. A new Demon Card is born, The Dark Rendezvous.[24]

Lucia clashes with Haru

Lucia clashes with Haru

Lucia heads out in search for the last Sinclaire piece that is in Haru's possession.[25] Once he arrives at The Cavern Of Star Vestige, he slashes Ever Mary with his Decalogue. He calls Elie his "woman," angering Haru.[26] Before Elie can reach the wounded Ever Mary, Lucia swings his sword: pushing Elie back with the immense pressure. He states that memories are worthless, and tries to convince Elie to join him. He extends his hand towards Elie but Haru rapidly punches him, telling him not to get close to Elie. He reminds them of the kiss he stole from Elie when they first met, much to Elie's displeasure. Lucia and Haru begin their fight, with Shuda as the witness.[27] The battle begins with Lucia using his Decalogue's Dark Explosion, but Haru is able to counter it with his Blue Crimson. The two keep attacking one another continuously with their weapon's different forms. However, Lucia comes out with a scratch, and Haru comes out unharmed.[28] Lucia, after being called a weakling, uses his Exploding Sword Dance: Death Ballad Bomb, creating a ginormous explosion. However, it is sealed with Haru's Rune Save. Lucia then seals Haru's Ten Commandments with his Rune Save. Lucia keeps attacking Haru, but Haru is able to match Lucia's strength.[29]

Haru dominates Lucia

Lucia dominated by Haru

Lucia tells Haru to prepare himself, as he is about to see the Dark Bring power that brought the world to its knees, but Haru states that he has unlocked the ninth form of the Ten Commandments.[30] As Haru brings out the ninth form, Sacrifar, Lucia uses the power of Sinclaire, creating an explosion. Nonetheless, Haru cuts through it, and knocks Lucia down. Lucia is then grabbed by Haru, who is ready to kill him.[31] After Lucia is released from Haru's grip, he shows the other his Dark Sacrifar.[32] Unlike Haru, Lucia takes full control over the Dark Sacrifar form. He attacks Haru over and over again. He then threatens Haru's life, with his Dark Sacrifar placed at Haru's neck. However, Shuda offers that if he lets Haru live, he will give him the last piece of Sinclaire. At first he denies, but then Shuda places his sword at Elie's neck. They exchange, but Lucia breaks the deal and slashes Shuda with his Dark Silfarion.[33]

Lucia gains the upper hand

Lucia gains the upper hand

Enraged with Lucia's actions, Haru punches him, breaking Lucia's entire breast plate, and sends him flying towards a rock. Lucia and Haru begin to fight once again but this time only by using their bare hands, as The Cavern Of Star Vestige begins to collapse.[34] Haru gains the upper hand. Lucia, pinned down by Haru, listens to Haru. Haru states that once the war is over, they could become friends. Seconds after, their battle is interrupted by Endless.[35] Megido, ruler of the Four Great Demon Lords, arrives. He takes Lucia, whom is crying, with him back to Demon Card.[36]

Blue Guardians arc

Lucia leaves after defeating Haru

Lucia leaves after defeating Haru

Lucia enters the Blue Guardians' airship before the Rave Warriors, and annihilates Hardner's men, including one of Hardner's Blue Guardians Six Guard, Koala.[37][38] He stays within the ship until they arrive at the Mystic Realm.[39]

After Elie forces Endless out of the Mystic Realm with Belnika help[40] and Haru defeats Hardner,[41] Lucia stabs Hardner through his back, attempting to kill him. Lucia tells Haru that he came only to punish Hardner, for betraying Demon Card. He reveals his Neo Decalogue, an upgrade of the Decalogue. He changes its form to Darkness Explosion, causing an explosion large enough to make the Altar of Birth crumble.[42] As Haru falls he uses his Mel Force but Lucia uses his Darkness Mel Force, splitting the earth. Before Lucia leaves, he tells Haru that the next time they meet they will have more fun.[43]

The Truth of Elie arc

Lucia's joy

Lucia's joy

Lucia heads to Mildian in search for the final piece of Sinclaire. There he challenges Sieg Hart, whom denies him the final piece of Sinclaire.[44] Lucia takes out his sword when Shuda walks into Mildian's heart. He hears Shuda say to Sieg that all of the mother Dark Brings must never come close to each other, attracting Lucia's attention, alarming Shuda. Lucia throws four of the Mother Dark Brings on the floor and asks Shuda what will happen next. Shuda attempts to attack Lucia but his Dark Bring brakes. When the Mother Dark bring begin to react, Sieg begins to cough out blood. Moments later, Lucia notices that Sieg has been keeping the Mother Dark Bring inside his body. The Dark Bring comes out of Sieg, through his stomach, and lands where the other four are located.[45]

A ray of light is pointed upwards and Endless appears, all of the mother Dark Bring become one, united with Endless, bringing tears to Lucia's eyes. Lucia states that with this power he can destroy the whole world.[46]

The Final Battle arc

Dark Bring & Abilities

Dark Brings:

  1. Sinclaire
  2. Decalogue




Appearances in Other Media


  • (To Elie) "Child of Etherion. I know you quite well. You're not living...You're simply existing"[47]
  • (To the Raregroove Kingdom) "Hear me!! My father was a great man!! the end, his own weakness betrayed Demon Card. Fine things. I do not repudiate them. But I need them not. That is why...I am darkness!! Complete darkness!! I am not my father!! I will never betray you!!"[48]


  • Lucia shares the same age and date of birth as Haru.
  • Lucia was born with a Light Affinity, but while in Mega Unit it changed to a Dark Affinity.

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