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Locations is a page containing information on the many continents that have been illustrated in the Rave Master manga by Hiro Mashima.[1]

There are nine continents in total that make up the Rave Master world, with each containing several different areas which they govern. However, the Luka Continent seems to contain much more different locations than the other eight. In total, forty locations have been named and revealed.[1]


There are a total of nine continents that make up the Rave Master world, revealed so far. Within each continent, a list of cities and towns are provided to us by the sole creator of the Manga, Hiro Mashima. However, due to the discontinuation of the anime, some of the continents have been classified as to only have made an appearance in the manga. It has been revealed that less than half the continents that were created do not have a connection to the anime; namely because it ended at the Symphonia arc. However, there are some that have and are noted to have small differences from the ones in the manga.[1]





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