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|name=Levin Glory |kanji=レビン・グローリー |race=Human |gender=Male |age=7 |status=Active |manga debut=Rave 0077: Home Alone with Levin |relatives=Haru Glory (father)
[[Elie[[ (mother)
Cattleya Glory (aunt)
Gale Glory (grandfather)
Sakura Glory (grandmother) }} Levin Glory (レビン・グローリー) is the son of Haru Glory and Elie, and protagonist of the mini-manga, Rave 0077: Home Alone with Levin. He first appears at the end of chapter 4. He is a 7 years old boy and his dream is to become an adventurer and travel all over the world.

When his parents want to go out on a date they leave him with Nakajima. He is in good terms with him as they always have fun together, even though he didn't like him at first. In the last chapter, he seems to be confused about who his parents are, what Nakajima is and above all what he is ... with his mind in chaos when his parents return home he leaves them shocked as he is Nakajima-fied, but later got out of it quickly.

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