Leopard was a member of the Blue Guardians' Six Guards.


Leopard's full attire

Leopard is a slim young woman of below average height. She wears a sleeveless shirt, briefs with an artifical tail, a cloth around her thighs and shoes resembling wild cat's legs. She also wears pigtails on her head, her Dark Bring and a spiked collar on her neck, claws on her hands and bandages on her right arm. She also has some stains tattooed on her right upper arm and both upper legs.


Leopard is approval hungry and says that she hates something a lot. She is also not against killing other people by order as well. She doesn't like much things, especially being called a bug. She also can lose her temper easily. She's also cruel and childish, having fun with slaughtering many of Yuma's foster sons and calling Julia old. In contrast, she displays also a more slightly positive side when not working, like wanting fly herself like a bird and be free.


Leopard appears with Girafe on a beach after having a village destroyed. Then she appears with the other Six Guards at the gate to distract Haru's gang, allowing Lievre blast all of them away. In Yuma's base she slaughters all but one of Yuma's foster sons. Back at the ship she fights Julia and tells her how her Dark Bring works and the plan to her and defeats her right after that. [1] Later, she fights Elie and Nagisa and is defeated by the former after Elie learns how to use Etherion correctly. [2] Some time afterwards, she meets Girafe and tells him that she took a bug in Elie's shoe. Girafe despite having not having Lunar or Requin doing the search proceeds to torture and choke Leopard with his Dark Bring for losing to Elie. She begs Girafe to stop, but Girafe responds with calling her useless and tortures her further. [3]


Enhanced Agility:

Immense Speed:


Dress Up: A Dark Bring in a form of heart-shaped necklace, which allows the user to wear anything that being shot or thrown at the user including bullets, electricity, and fire. It also allows the user to wear anything surrounding such as wind to become faster. Her most powerful "dress" is when she uses metal as armor.

Armored Claws:

Battles and Events

  • Haru, Hamrio Musica & Let vs. Leopard & Reevil
  • Siege of the Liberation Army's base
  • Julia vs. Leopard
  • Elie & Nagisa vs. Leopard


  • Each member of the Six Guards is named (and themed) after a particular animal, with the nouns in their French form. "Leopard" is French for "Leopard"; Leopard's super-speed, claws, drawn stains, shoes and artifical tail are reference such animal. Additionally her behavior is similar to a cat as well.


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