Koala was a member of Blue Guardians' Six Guards.


Koala's full appearance

Koala is a short guy in a bear costume. He wears a bear nose on his face, a shirt with overlong sleeves, shorts and shoes with socks.


Koala has the habit of saying "Yes" (ウン un) at the end of all his sentences. He is also a sadist.


He appears along with Chien in a ship and is with him. He is relative easily defeated only to state, he thought to bring all Six Guards together. Later he is seen with all the Six Guards at the gate. In Yuma's base he fights Elie and manages to steal her staff. In the ship, he fights Haru and the others again and is defeated by Shuda and Julius. Later, he uses his Dark Bring to make the corridor part to a robot. Shortly afterwards, he is slaughtered by Lucia. [1]

Battles and Events

  • Elie, Julia & Musica vs. Koala
  • Siege of the Liberation Army's base
  • Elie vs. Koala
  • Haru & Elie vs. Koala
  • Rave Warriors, Julius & Shuda vs. Koala


Each member of the Six Guards is named (and themed) after a particular animal, with the nouns in their French form. "Koala" is French for "Koala"; his bear costume and fake nose are reference such animal.


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