Ketsupuri Gang's Big Comeback
Ketsupuri Gang's Big Comeback



Ketsupuridan Dai Gyakushuu

English Dub Title

All aboard, Part 2

Japan Air Date

August 3, 2002

English Air Date

June 4, 2005

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Symphonia arc

Opening Song

Higher and Higher

Ending Song

The Power of Destiny

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Ketsupuri Gang's Big Comeback is the 43rd episode of the Rave Master anime. It first aired on August 3, 2002 and the English version on June 4, 2005.

Let figures out that the Doryu Raid Squad is aboard the ship, and he informs Hamrio Musica and Griffon Kato. Plue is captured by the Doryu Raid Squad, to be given as a gift to Ruby. The Jiggly Butt Gang saves the day with a smelly attack.


Elie's Casino Luck

Elie's Casino Luck

Elie, while at the casino, keeps wining more and more money leading the wealthy people to think that she is rich and lucky. Haru, on the other hand, is wining nothing. Haru asks Elie if they can leave, since Plue is hungry. Elie hands Haru a big amount of cash, and tells him that she will catch up with them soon. Meanwhile, Let is still trying to remember. Where was it that he has seen the mark, that he just saw a few seconds ago. He thinks of the design of the mark, a pumpkin; he remembers and shocked, questions. What are they doing aboard the ship? Musica and Griff still haven't manage to find a sponsor. They find Let and inform him, that they gave up looking for a sponsor, calling it impossible. Let tells Musica and Griff to fallow him. Once they arrive at an isolated area, Let inform them that there are suspicious people wandering around the casino. He tells Musica that it's the organization led by "Doryu, the man who controls the night." Griff leaves to inform Haru and the others.

Lilth puts everybody to sleep

Lilth puts everybody to sleep

In the dining room, Plue and Haru are eating, as Elie arrives. Billy notices Plue, and calls Lilth as they plan to take him. However, Lilth states that since Plue has an owner, Ruby won't accept it. And his Bell Holy has the power to confirm stolen items. With that said, Billy says that if they kill the owner, then Plue will by nobody's. Lilth subsequently takes out a brown bag and throws it in the air combining it with her Wind Festival. The wealthy people begin to fall asleep. Elie and Plue fall asleep, while Haru begins to see blurry. He soon falls to sleep. Billy congratulates Lilth, for having the whole thing planned out, and using the Sleep pollen.

Ruby's happiness when he sees Plue

Ruby happiness when he sees Plue

They take Elie and Haru to a room, ready to kill them. Billy also states that the only reason why Doryu wasn't able to be the leader of the darkness is because he does not have money power, like Demon Card once had. Wolf appears behind Billy and Lilth with a loaded machine gun attached to his arm. As he is about to kill Elie and Haru, Ruby walks into the room. Lilth orders Wolf to stop and shows Plue to Ruby. Ruby is left speechless as he sees Plue. Ruby offers to give them ten times the normal today, leaving the others dumbfounded. Ruby invites them out to eat, to which they accept. They leave Elie and Haru inside the room, while Griff, Musica and Let look for them.

Ruby meets Griff

Ruby meets Griff

Ruby comes across Griff, and is astonished to see another "weird thing," as he calls it. Once Griff sees Plue, inside a cage, he begins to question Ruby. While Lilth and Billy think of a strategy, they hear gun shots. Lilth looks at Wolf, but he isn't the one shooting. They turn around and see the Jiggly Butt Gang with armed guns. Seconds after the Jiggly Butt Gang finishes introducing its self. Lilth appears in front of them ordering them to go away. Wonderful Gocche points his gun at her, causing her to utilize her Dark Bring, North Wind, to cut their guns into pieces. When they see Musica, they retreat, remembering the time when they first met. Wonderful Gocche drops his gun, and one of his followers steps on it. The gun begins randomly shooting everywhere. The gun's bullets make the cage Plue was kept in, break apart, Musica and Let go after it. However, Billy punches them into the wall. Billy tries to give Plue back to Ruby, but Ruby denies; telling him that it has an owner. He tells them that collectors never steal from owners, that's the rule of a rare collector, Ruby says.

Haru's Reaction

Haru's Reaction

After Ruby tells them that Doryu is fired. Billy, furious, tells Ruby to shut up and grabs him. Let and Musica confronts Lilth and Wolf. Let asks Lilth if her power comes from a Dark Bring. She tells him that has of it does. Leaving Let confused. While the Jiggly Butt Gang is trying to escape by the roof. However, they come across a dead and are unable to back up. Then, they begin to shake their Butt. Once they land in a room, they see Haru and Elie. When they see Elie, Wonderful Gocche begins to fart on her face, as a revenge for what happened last time. While follower one is doing the same thing to Haru, but Aniki shoves him away telling him to leave Haru alone. Follower two calls for the leader's attention. When he looks out the window, and sees Plue captured by Billy, while Billy is demanding Ruby to give him the money.

Ruby confronts Billy

Ruby confronts Billy

Ruby confronts Billy telling him that he will tell Doryu of their actions, mentioning the friendship between his father and Doryu. Billy, however, states that the only reason why Doryu met Pearl was for the money, and confesses that Doryu killed Pearl. Ruby denies all of what Billy is telling him, stating that Doryu is a nice person. Ruby defends his fathers name while the Jiggly Butt Gang watches from another room. Meanwhile, Lilth tells Musica and let that even though Enclain was destroyed, Dark Bring are still being made. Let mentions Sinclair, the mother of all Dark Bring is responsible for this. Billy prepares to hammer Ruby, but Plue uses his nose and stabs him in his hand.

The Jiggly Butt Gang plans on using "That" in-order to defend Plue. Haru wakes up, and turns around. He looks at the three men pointing their butts towards his direction. The Jiggly Butt Gang uses their Butt Gas Triple Ecstasy. The smell spreads all over the ship, causing everybody to wake up and later faint.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Elie
  2. Haru
  3. Wealthy People
  4. Plue
  5. Let Dahaka
  6. Hamrio Musica
  7. Griffon Kato
  8. Billy
  9. Lilth
  10. Doryu (Mentioned)
  11. Wolf
  12. Ruby
  13. Wonderful Gocche
  14. Kalen Berg
  15. Maruko Belanjay
  16. Pearl (Mentioned)
  17. Gale Raregroove (Mentioned)
  18. Shuda (Mentioned)
  19. Lance (Mentioned)

Battles & Events

  • None

Weapons, Techniques, and Abilities used

Weapons used

  • Guns

Dark Bring used

Techniques used

Abilities used

  • Hand to Hand Combat

Items used

  • Sleep Pollen


  • This is the final appearance of the Ketsupuri Gang known as the Jiggly Butt Bandits after they use the smelly attack in the end of the episode as they later reappear as a guest in another manga and anime series Get Backers where they are not seen without their jiggly butts as they portrayed as hawaiian shirted gangsters being fought by Natsumi in her retrieval mission before being subdued later by Kazuki Fuchouin with his strings.
  • The Butt Gas Fatal Ecstasy move is later used by Kuma in Street Fighter X Tekken which is its Super Art called the Fatal Wind.


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