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Haru Gurōrī


The Second Rave Master
The Messenger of Light




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July 7th, 0050

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Elie (wife)
Levin Glory (son)
Cattleya Glory (older sister)
Gale Glory (father; deceased)
Sakura Glory (mother; deceased)
Malakia Symphonia Glory V (grandfather; deceased)
Evermary (foster grandfather)

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Tomokazu Seki

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Yuri Lowenthal

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Haru Glory (ハル・グローリー Haru Gurōrī) is the main protagonist of the Rave Master series. Bearing the title of the series' name, Haru is the heir of to the Rave Stones, thus being the sole person to wield them. He is on a world quest to find the other Raves in order to destroy the Dark Brings and bring peace to the world.


Haru is a young man with spiky silver hair and gray-blue/dark-purple eyes. He always wears a necklace that his father gave him when he was little and a ball chain on his pants. There's also a bracelet he is seen wearing throughout most of the series and the ring on his right middle finger. His left ear has two earrings.

His main outfit is a short-sleeved black jacket over a plain white short-sleeved undershirt shirt and long black pants over brown boots. He is always carrying his large sword, the Ten Commandments, over his back. In the anime series, Haru's pants are white but later changes to black in later episodes and his shoes are black and gray soles. During his fight with Shuda in the near end of his arc, he is not seen wearing his short-sleeved black jacket due to being exploded by Shuda's techniques and his short sleeve shirt is shown to ripped into sleeveless and the right side of his shirt have tatters on them.

In the middle episodes, Haru is later seen wearing a long-sleeved black jacket now have cross designs in each side and his white shirt is now loose and his pants are now black. When he tries to help his father, Gale. He was seen in a red long sleeve shirt.

In the near end and the final episode of the anime, Haru incorporates between his primary outfit and the outfit from the middle episodes and now wears a charcoal gray denim pants from his outfit.


Haru is a very compassionate person, always smiling, even without reason. He has a pure heart and strong will, he is devoted to his friends, becoming very angry when one of them gets hurt.

He also seems to idolize his sister, Cattleya, to some degree as he always says that his sister taught him a great many things.


Intro arc

Haru and Plue meet.

One day on Garage Island while Haru was out fishing he caught a strange creature that closely resembles a snowman, initially mistaking it for a fish. He went to find his sister who was at the grave of their deceased mother to show the "fish" he had just found. Confused in how Cattleya found the weird fish to be cute, Cattleya tells him that the creature is more a dog than anything else. They both head home followed by the dog the had just found. At their home, they see Nakajima (a sunflower-like creature that lives on the side of their house) how even he is shocked by the appearance of the strange-looking dog. The dog follows Haru into his room acting up in front of a set of drawers because it wanted some candy which made Haru take a liking towards the dog. He later takes the dog out on a walk into the town and tails him into the cafe owned by his friend Gemma. After telling him how he found the dog Gemma begins laughing and even more so when he hears that Haru named it Shabutaro. Then all of a sudden, an old man named Shiba came along, being followed by a strange man. Shiba and Haru talk and Shiba takes off his disguise to reveal he is "shriveled", as Haru liked to call it. Plue then walks in on them and Shiba says that the dog is actually Plue, while Shiba goes on to tell Haru of how he lost Plue. In the end, Haru returns Plue. Later on, a strange man destroys half of his house and two of Nakajima's feathers. Haru vowed to take revenge on Demon Card after that.[1]

Haru appears in Hip Hop Town where he lost track of Plue. He looks in a casino and as he searches, he accidentally looks up Elie's skirt and sees her panties. Embarrassed, Haru hits his head on the gambling table which causes Elie to lose her bet. As she freaks out on him, Haru beats up some security and continues to look for Plue.

After searching, Haru finds a dog racing track where dogs are being abused alongside Plue. In response to this, he goes down to the track to end the horrible excuse for entertainment. As he travels down he runs into Elie again and he defeats all the security single-handedly. However, the owner came out and revealed that he had a Dark Bring. With this, Haru equips the Explosion Sword to defeat him and escapes with Elie and Plue.

As he ran, he fell in a hole and met Hole, a girl who helped people out of the city who the Demon Card hated. As she helps them lose the Demon Card, Haru runs into Demon Card general Shuda and the two begin to fight. Despite being on the ropes, Elie throws Plue at Shuda, and misses, but a sign comes down on Shuda which allows Haru the second he needs to destroy Shuda's Dark Bring. With this, Shuda leaves and learns that Haru is Gale Glory's son and decides to let him go for the time being. However, because of the fight, the Ten Commandments breaks and Elie tells Haru about a legendary blacksmith that can fix it on Punk Street.

Lance arc

As Haru travels to Punk Street with Elie and Plue, Elie shoots someone's watering can on an airplane. Enraged, the man comes down to talk to Haru. As they argue, the boss intervenes and fixes the pot and leaves with his gang.

As he arrives on Punk Street, Plue starts to drink with an old drunk who is revealed to be Galein Musica. He agrees to fix the Ten Commandments with the Rave but as Haru meets the Bandit Leader with Elie again, he reveals he is the only Musica, Hamrio Musica. As Haru and Musica try to figure out what is going on, Demon Card lackeys appear and together, the two fight them off. After the fight, Haru decides to have faith in the old man and he goes to talk to him. The old man tells him the truth and he goes to fix the Ten Commandments as Musica arrives to say that Demon Card general Lance has kidnapped Elie.

Haru fighting against Lance

Haru arrives with the fixed Ten Commandments just in time to save Elie and he and Lance begin battle. Soon Lance reveals he has a Dark Bring with makes his Beast Sword's illusions come to life and Haru struggles until he realizes the sword's weakness. Despite knowing the weakness, Haru still has trouble and it takes Galein and Plue to hold back Lance long enough to destroy his Dark Bring. With it destroyed, Lance begs for mercy but as Haru gives it to him, Lance attacks again. However, Haru easily repels him and destroys the Beast Sword.

After the fight, Haru helps Galein and Musica realize they are in fact family and Galein tells Haru to look for a Rave in the Land of Falling Stars. Hearing this, he and Elie go north.

Dancing Thunder arc

As they travel, Elie hires Griffon Kato to guide them. Soon after, Elie thinks she hurt Plue. During this time, Haru fights with her, he realizes she went off to a dangerous territory to help Plue. He goes to save her but they realize as they return, Plue was fine! Turns out, Plue shrivels up when he is in hot water. Learning this they continue their travels.

Haru being controlled to dance by Rosa

During the journey, a thunderstorm erupts Elie blacks out. Haru takes her to a hotel and learns about the town's problem with the never-ending rain. Haru then learns that Elie has gone out on her own thing the "Thunder Man" was a man from her past. Haru follows her and saves her from Go. However, Go's girlfriend, Rosa arrives and forces Haru to dance to where Elie saves him. Rosa, touched by Elie's compassion to help her, convinces Go to stop the rain. But, Go freaks after being woken up and hits her, he then thinks Haru did it and the two fight.

Haru battles Go's Thunder Hammer and after a short fight, Haru wins and Go stops the rain. He then gives Elie information about her mystery man.

Shuda arc

As Haru continues to travel, he and Elie find a large mine that the Demon Card are excavating. After Elie steals some Demon Card uniforms Haru states his sorrow that the talking bear they met can't come with them. While inside the mine, Plue helps lead the way but some cave flowers put him and Elie to sleep but a doctor saves them. As they travel deeper with the doctor, Haru goes for a nap and is shocked to find that a Demon Card member saves him from the doctor who is revealed to be an assassin. The Demon Card member then reveals himself as Musica who is also looking for the Rave. Haru then begins to fight Musica to decide who gets it when they find it but Elie starts to shoot the place up with her guns. After Haru and Musica surrender, Elie forces Haru and Musica to follow her orders from then on.

As Haru and the Rave Warriors find an underground door, he is surprised that Elie can read the ancient tablet. After entering, Haru is shocked to find the talking bear inside who is revealed to be Deerhound one of Shiba's old friends. Deerhound then helps Haru understand about what it means to be a Rave Master and how to battle. Haru is then given the Rave of Wisdom and the doctor returns and during the fight, Haru's Ten Commandments transforms into Silafrion the sonic blade.

As Deerhound moves on, Shuda returns and destroys the tomb so he and Haru can battle above his airship. As the two battle, Shuda displays much better "explosion" powers then Haru's Explosion blade. As the two fight on an invisible floor in the air, Shuda uses his Dark Bring to explode areas around Elie and Musica. This rage manages to give Haru strength enough to defeat Shuda. But as Shuda falls off the invisible floor, Haru tries to save him but Shuda, touched by Haru's view on the world, cuts his own arm off.

Victorious, and unconscious, Musica and Elie save Haru by flying him out of the blast radius of Shuda's airship. Musica Leads Haru to a city to heal.

Mystery of Elie arc

As Haru was healing, and Elie was spending, Musica suggested going to the "Rave Museum" to learn more about Rave. Naturally, Haru was psyched and was happy to see many people there thanks to him. As Elie leaves due to a headache, Haru has a fortune-teller told him that the person he loves most will die before him soon, Haru freaks and looks for Elie after Hebi tells him he saw her with a weird guy.

As Haru finds her, he finds that Sieg Hart is slowly killing her which enrages Haru. As he holds Elie and nearly declares his feelings for her, he whispers something in her ear to give her reason to live. With this, Haru charges Sieg in anger trying to kill him. However, Sieg is revealed to be far out of Haru's league, until Haru gains the Runesave which can cut through Sieg's elemental magic. Having enough, and realizing Haru being near Elie is saving her, Sieg performs his ultimate spell on Haru and makes Haru see a vision of his mother and sister in horrible manners. However as Haru's mind was about to break, Elie's Etherion kicks in to save him.

To save Elie and the world, Haru uses Runesave on Elie to seal her unstable magic much to the relief of Musica. Seeing nothing more to do, Sieg leaves and so the Oracion Seis members. In the end, Haru keeps his promise to Elie and has a firework display for her as he "dance battles" with Musica for Elie's delight. The next morning, Haru leads the Rave Warriors on a train to the desert for more Raves.

Tower of Din arc

As they find a desert village being attacked by demons, Haru learns from Remi, the village maiden, that a man named "Gale" is their leader. After accepting to help in exchange for the Rave of Combat later, Haru heads out alone in an angered stated believing his father is behind everything. As he arrived at the tower, Haru defeats almost all the demons while remembering his dad not being present in his life and finds his father, Gale. However, Gale is revealed not to be the demon leader but Gale Raregroove the King of Demon Card is! Together the Glory men head into the tower to stop him. As Haru is healed by a potion, Haru falls into a trap of the Five Palace Guardians. As Haru tries to fight them, Let intervenes and challenges Haru to a duel. Haru accepts but the others get in the way despite Let's protest until the other Rave Warriors show up to help.

After being divided, Haru battles Let in an illusion of Garage Island. As they fight, Haru notices that Let can be saved from his dark job and as Haru unleashes Blue Crimson, he defeats Let and gives a word or two about the true meaning of fighting. Suddenly, Racas appears and tries to defeat the injured Haru, seeing the fight as unfair, Let tells Haru the secret of defeating Racas and Haru defeats him and orders the other to leave as he helps his father.

As Haru arrives to help his father fight King, King reveals that his Dark Bring is identical to the Ten Commandments and is almost stronger than it. After hearing King and Gale's past and hearing the truth of his mother's death, Haru becomes sympathetic towards King which greatly shocks him. However as the fight continues, Haru falls on top of the recently arrived Elie (and accidentally grabbed her breast) and receives the Rave of Combat for her. However before he can use it, Haru defends he right as NOT being Elie's boyfriend like his father and King assume. Then as he is nearly victor and stops King with the Mel Force, King turns into a mad beast and it takes Gale and Haru to barely defeat him. In the end, King uses another overdrive to destroy Demon Card completely and Haru becomes shocked to see not only King kill himself, but become sorry for what he did. As both he and Gale forgive King for killing Sakura Glory, the tower collapse.

On their way out, Haru fights his dad for commenting on his luck for having a "beautiful, busty girlfriend" and how they were both going to kill a former boyfriend of his sister. However, they stop as Elie is almost crushed by a boulder and saved by Let who helps them escape. In the end, Gale falls down a hole and Haru tries to save him but they both become trapped, doomed to be crushed by the tower. However, after explaining to Haru the meaning of being a man and a father, Gale covers Haru's body to protect him despite Haru's pleas. After the tower collapses, Haru is horrified to find his father died protecting him.

After burying his father in a place similar to his mother, Haru seeks comfort through Elie over his death. As he looks within his heart Haru finds that he has several paths to choose from but thanks to Let, he realizes it is actually one path. After recovering for six months, Haru leads the Rave Warriors to Symphonia and he invites Let to join him which he accepts.

Symphonia arc

As Haru and Elie sightsee, they find a large floating casino. Haru goes with Elie to learn to gamble but Doryu's gang appears and puts him and Elie to sleep so they can steal Plue. Haru is then awoken by the Jiggle Butt Gang and he defends casino owner Ruby from Doryu's group after they turn on him for being a good guy. As the Jiggle Butt Gang incapacitates everyone, Hebi saves them and brings them back to the Advent. Haru then promises to protect Ruby and Ruby lets Haru pass through the toll for free. After Doryu destroys the bridge, Haru leads the others through the Death Storm into Symphonia successfully.

While there, Let allows Elie to lead the group with headaches despite Haru's pleas. After he has an argument with Let, only for Let to prove Elie's devotion to Haru, Lucia Raregroove appears. Haru tries to fight Lucia but he quickly rushes past him and forces a kiss on Elie. Haru becomes enraged due to this and tries to defeat Lucia, but Lucia leaves after declaring himself the Dark Bring Master. With this, the Oracion Seis appear in order to kill Elie.

Haru quickly goes to defend her but Berial gets in his way with his earth-elemental powers. As Haru shows concern for Let, who is undergoing a dragon trial, Berial becomes angry that Haru isn't paying attention to him. So, to see the power Haru had when he defeated King, Berial allows Haru to see how Elie is getting beaten by Julius. Haru tries to go to her but Berial forces him down to watch her die. However, Haru is further beaten by him so he passes out.

He then awakes in time to save Elie from Julius and not only save her but nearly defeat the Oracion Seis until Haja stabs him in the back with his hand. As Haru is incapacitated, Sieg Hart arrives and saves them all only to make Haru angry because he didn't save Elie. He then learns about Lucia from Sieg but Haru doesn't care about Lucia being King's son, and thus he should be Haru's mortal enemy, but rather, Haru hates him for making Elie cry, with this, he declares that he will defeat Lucia.

After this, he leads everyone to an island full of Nakajima like people where a prophet lives and he gives them all a fortune. After that, he goes into a dark cave where a dark version of him tries to sexually abuse Elie but he defeats it along with a 100 mouthed monster.

Stellar Memories arc

As Haru traveled to find the last Rave, Jegan arrives with an army of dragons and after Elie collapses of fever, Haru leads Musica and Let against him since they are stronger than the average dragon. Without much progress, Haru leaves to inform Elie (seeing her naked...again) that they are leaving Let to finish Jegan himself. Let defeats Jegan by using what he says, is his ultimate technique. As they land on land, Haru and Musica defeat many dragons until Let wins.

Going forward, Haru defeats former Empire warriors until Deep Snow arrives. Using Million Suns, Haru strategically withdraws, Haru runs into Shuda again and leaves the warriors to him. After finding the place where his father was raised by Evermary, Haru uses the memory stone to see his past. Haru seems happier and later that night, Haru leads Elie to the stone so she can see her past. He reassures her that no matter what her past, he'll still accept her.

However, Lucia arrives and destroys the stone for kicks and after hearing from Lucia that even when he and Elie are sixty they'll still be only holding hands, Haru challenges him with Shuda as the referee. Haru begins using the Sacrifar which helps Haru nearly kill Lucia. However, Elie throws Plue at Haru which causes the sword to lose its grip on Haru's mind and Lucia begins to batter Haru mercilessly.

After Shuda is stabbed helping Haru, Haru freaks on Lucia and destroys his Decalogue with his bare hands and starts to question what Lucia is fighting for. After an intense battle, Endless wakes up and one of the Four Great Overlords bargains with Haru for Lucia's life. With this, the Rave Warriors leave and Haru is horrified to find out that Shuda has apparently "defiled" his sister to the point where Shuda calls himself Haru's brother-in-law.

Blue Guardians arc

Desperately needing money, and needing to cheer up Elie, Haru is convinced to let Elie enter a dance competition. As time goes on, Haru deals with the consequences of using Sacrifar. Over time Haru becomes somewhat jealous that he cannot help Elie in the competition since he can't dance right. However, he is more interested in beating up Branch, a Demon Card member and his sister's ex.

As the Blue Guardians show up to take Elie, Haru, Let and Musica join forces to defeat a giant beast until a giant snake rises up to help them. The snake then uses its size to help the Rave Warriors get onto the Blue Guardians ship and there Haru and Let go forward with Ruby to find one of the Six Guards. After being put to sleep by him alongside Let, the two eventually wake up and go to the Freedom Fighters' hideout to aid them.

After inadvertently leading the Blue Guardians to the hideout, Haru speaks with his Dad about what it means to be a leader of people you love. After this, Haru helps defend the hideout as he battles Koala after he took Elie. As he caught up, Haru realizes that the robot he had fought was Branch that Koala had transformed. In his rage over Koala's disregard for human life, Haru makes Koala realize his love for machines is only because of his own body's frailty. Haru fails to notice that as Koala leaves tearfully, that his stole the Space-Time Staff. After hearing a bomb was going to go off, Haru leads everyone out but he realizes that Branch was not only the bomb, but he stayed behind to spare everyone his death blast.

As they traveled after the Guardians, Haru met Belnika in a city and had his wound from Lucia healed. With this, he leads a charge into the Blue Guardians' flagship and gets aboard just as they warp to Makai, the demon world.

Makai arc

As Haru and the Rave Warriors arrive in Makai, Haru notices that many Blue Guardian lackeys are already dead. At first, he believes Shuda and Julius were behind it but they deny it so the others can go ahead. As the Rave Warriors get spilt up, Haru runs into Belnika again and proves to her that he is the good guy. With this, she leaves and Haru tries to follow her as he plows through many lackeys.

The Last Rave arc

Haru arrives at the final area to receive the Rave of Truth. He is lead into an area where only he and Plue are allowed to go. When he arrives at the Colosseum, he sees Shiba, Galein, and Alice. He is surprised when they donʻt act in their usual mannerisms. Shiba brings out the Rave of Truth which shines brightly in his hand. He gives it to Haru. However, when Haru takes it, the light disappears. Shiba tells Haru that the Rave hasn't accepted Haru as the Rave Master. Because Haru has not surpassed Shiba, Haru must defeat Shiba to become the true Rave Master. Galein gives Shiba his original Ten Commandments Sword and Alice hands Shiba a potion. Shiba ingests the potion and reverts to his youthful form.

Shiba attacks Haru. Haru is dumbfounded by Shiba's superior speed, skill, and power. Haru gets an opportunity to strike Shiba but stops because he doesn't have the intent of killing Shiba. Shiba then strikes Haru, nearly slicing his throat. Haru tries to challenge Shiba using the other forms of the Ten Commandments. Unfortunately, Shiba shakes off and deflects all of Haru's tactics without the aid of any of the sword forms. Shiba then realizes why the Rave hasn't chosen Haru as the Rave Master.

Shiba strikes Haru with tremendous force which Haru can't comprehend. Shiba tells him that emotions become the weight of the sword. Haru responds he bears the same feelings for the world which he loves. However, Shiba says that it isn't enough. Haru has only been the Rave Master for two years. Shiba has been the Rave Master for fifty years. Shiba then tells Haru that he fought for the woman he loved, Resha Valentine. Haru wonders who it is he's fighting for. He questions whether or not it's his sis, Garage Island, or his friends. When he thinks about Elie, Haru is able to deflect Shiba's sword. Haru realizes that he fights to protect Elie from everything. He eventually overpowers Shiba and breaks his sword. Thus the Rave of Truth accepts him as the Rave Master.

Shiba then doubles over and begins to expire. He reveals that the potion that Alice gave him trades youth for lifespan. Haru then yells at Alice for giving him the potion, however Alice asks Haru if he thinks that he wanted to give Shiba the potion. Haru then asks Shiba that if that he had lost then Shiba would return as the Rave Master. Shiba tells Haru that he believed that Haru would surpass him. Shiba gives Haru his final words to pick off where he has left off. Elie then enters the Colosseum. Shiba and Alpine are shocked to see her, believing her to be Resha. Shiba stands up and walks over to Elie. He asks Elie if he could hug her. Elie accepts, and Shiba dies in her arms saying that his journey is over and now he can return home. Haru emerges from the cave and defeats Berial in seconds. They perform a burning funeral for Shiba.

The Truth of Elie arc

Sieg, Haru and Elie are transported back 50 years back into time, the time where Resha, Shiba and all the other rave guardians were alive and young. When they were sucked into the time rift Haru was split apart from Sieg and Elie and transported to different places in the time with Sieg and Elie landing in a small village where a framer mistakes Elie for an idol of some sort at time and Haru arrives in a castle being attacked by the Raregroove kingdom attacking the Symphonia army stationed there. The Raregroove army were able to push back the Symphonia army to the point of retreat, but while the Raregroove army cashes the remains of the Symphonia, Haru finds an injured soldier and tries to carry him to safety. After surprising the Raregroove army by easily beating some solders Haru carries the man to safety. As they travel throughout the area, they learn many new things like the truth about Resha. It turns out Resha is Elie and that in order to stop endless Resha had to "die". But she didn't really die, it was a fake death and she cut her hair thus relinquishing the title of Resha. They return to their time period but Sieg must stay and dies there which is the reason why the skull is there.

The Final Battle arc

After finding out about Elie's Origins as Resha Valentine, Haru and the rest of the Rave Warriors wait for Elie to fuse the Rave Stones together aboard the Airship Merdian. After Musica leaves for Punk Street, Haru begins to wonder where he had gone. Let informs him that he left on a Rune Wing, but doesn't know where to. Julia tells Haru not to worry about Musica's disappearance but Haru insists on going to look for Musica, but Shuda then tells him not to bother. Despite the advice of others Haru and his friends and arrive in Punk Street with the help of Miltz's ability to track Niebel who left with Musica with his magic. They find the Punk Street is completely frozen. Haru heads towards Galien Musica's home believing Musica to be there. Unlike the rest of the town his house was unfrozen, after entering the forge Haru finds Musica collapsed on the floor with Niebel and Galien looking over him. Galien tells how Musica had passed on creating a new sword for Haru as his current sword was made for Shiba and not Haru. After hearing an upset Haru yells that he wouldn't want the sword unless his friend could give it to him himself. After seeing Reina when passed out, Musica awakens to the Delight of everyone around him. With great power flowing through it, Musica then hands Haru his new sword Ravelt and with the new sword Haru was able to use the Tenth from of the Ten Commandments. After holding the sword, the ice which encased Punk Street was Dispelled and Claims that with it he will now be able to defeat Lucia.

After telling Galian about Elie being Resha along Haru and his friends leave Punk Street. Before leaving though Haru Reaches for Shiba's Ten Commandments, but Galien swipes it away asking why he wants to take with him because Ravelt will have the same powers as the Ten Commandments once the Rave Stone is placed into it. Haru explains how after all the time he spent using the sword he doesn't want to let go of it yet. Galien yells that a sword without a master has no soul and proceeds to attack Haru with the Ten Commandments. The sword shatters after one swing when it coiled with Haru's Ravelt. Galien compliments the power of Ravelt and Haru tells him that with the sword he will accomplish Shiba's unfinished will. Back abroad the Merdian Haru is seen practicing with the sword but his friend seemed rather worried about his attachment towards Ravelt as he caresses it. Bony the Starfish tells Haru and his friends that something terrible was happening to Ruby. Outside they see a dense mist that appeared to be absorbing the memories of everybody. Shuda tells them all the mist is Stellar Memories and that it was destroying all the memories of the world. Suddenly Stellar Memories disappears due to Elie's completion of fusing the Rave Stones together.

The Rave Warriors take a stop in Stora Hesai after obtaining Ravelt and fusing the Rave Stones together. Before the upcoming battle, Haru and his companions have a feast to celebrate the latest achievements in the Kick and Punch Hotel. During the massive, Haru stared across the room to see Elie. When she noticed him and smiled at him Haru felt really embarrassed. Musica noticing his embarrassment kicks Haru in the face and advises Haru to confess his feeling to Elie as he might not get the chance after tomorrow’s final battle. Julia proceeds to get Elie drunk as Haru finds out that a plan was set up by Musica and Julia to get him to confess. After Elie passes due to the effects of the alcohol given to her by Julia, Julia grabs Elie while Musica holds Haru down. With an evil grin on her face, Julia begins to strip Elie of her clothes seeing that Haru "didn't" like Elie. As the rest of the room was cheering Julia on, Haru lies on the ground begging her to stop. As Julia begins to pull down Elie's bra, Haru tells them that he likes Elie, but Julia tells him to confess his feelings to her. Haru finally agrees to tell her his feelings only when Julia starts taking of Elie's bra, so Julia stops much to the disappointment of most of the men in the room. After taking a big drink of Alcohol, Haru goes to tell Elie about his feelings for her, much to the delight of Julia and Musica. On the way to tell Elie his feelings Haru hears a few men in the room upset at the fact of not being able to see Elie naked, so and angry Haru the strips of all his clothes to get them to shut up. The naked Haru then goes up to Elie to confess his feelings, but just when Haru was about to tell her his feelings, fire comes from Elie's mouth as a side effect of the alcohol Julia gave her.

Later on, Shuda enters the Hotel to see the state of everyone after the party and starts speaking to Pule who was still awake and still drinking. Shuda begins talking to Plue about tomorrow's battle and tells him the sacrifices and inevitable. Haru overhears their conversation, so next morning Haru awakens and looks out to the sea. Remembering all of his friends which had passed on, he then prepares for the battle against Lucia and heads out the door leaving his friends behind, so he wouldn't lose them in the final battle. He heads to the new airship to head towards Lucia, but much to his surprise Elie was already abroad the airship before he got there. She tells that she knows how he feels about not wanting anyone to lose their lives in the upcoming battle but more importantly how the sacrifices everyone gave 50 years would be pointless. They both agree to head with each other to finally end the war and Haru asks Elie to return with him back to his home. Realizing what he just said Haru becomes really embarrassed, but Elie agrees to go with him. The door to the cockpit of the airship opens to find the other Rave Warriors had witnessed their moment alone. They tell Haru that it was foolish to go alone and how the battle against Lucia wasn't his alone. With all the Rave Warriors gathered They head towards the final battle.

Abroad the airship surrounded by the mist of Stellar Memory, Haru and Elie begin talking about their families. Let noticing an increase in the speed of Stellar Memory's flow tells Haru and Elie to get inside the ship. Haru notices something above Lets head which then appeared to be the ground. The airship was headed for the core of the Stellar Memory which is causing the increased wind flow. Haru screamed for Lucia as the airship headed into the core. Suddenly, pouring out of the core, came armies of golem soldiers and Haru and the gang, ready for the fight, commenced to hack their way through them to keep the airship on its designated path. Just when the monsters seemed to never end, a gigantic blast of energy shot past the airship and completely destroyed the enemy hoard. Looking back, the gang saw armadas of airships that were recognized as their friends. The mages, the renegades, and Reina's underlings all came to help Haru. The leading mage said they received a letter from fifty years ago they realized that Seig Hart, stuck in the past, had foreseen this and sent the letter.

When Haru and the others enter the Stellar Memory, Lucia sends out the four demon lords. The first one to reach the gang is Asura of Darkness who captures Elie inside a tiny sphere. As expected, Haru jumps off the ship to give chase to Asura and get Elie back using the power of Silfarion to moves swiftly. Before Haru can catch Asura he is confronted by Uta the Eternal who wields a blade that is ridiculously huge. Right behind Haru appears Let and Musica who tell Haru to keep going after Asura, that they can handle this guy. Haru accepts and speeds on leaving Uta to the duo. Haru jets forward and catches sight of Asura. Wasting no time he smacks him out of the air but Asura only gets up and reveals his true form which is the large body of a demon whose skin is covered in Dark Bring, each with their own ability. Asura then begins to beat Haru to a pulp using various unique Dark Bring. Once again, as is Haru's usual style, right before all is lost Ravelt begins to shine and Haru comes back for a second wind with an attack that shatters all of Asura's Dark Bring in one go. Thus ending Asura completely and Haru retrieves the orb that Elie is captured in and releases her.

Just when Haru had saved Elie, Lucia shows up and distracts Haru while Megido of the Flame sprouts from the ground and knocks Haru away then blasts him with one of his flame attacks. Lucia then takes the unconscious Elie and strides away triumphantly. As Megido is about to utterly destroy Haru's body, Shuda appears to save him and challenges Megido. Shuda braves Megido's Flame to deal a mortal blow and the ground crumbles beneath him, sending him into a pit of lava. Shuda falls as well but manages to grab the ledge and hang on. As the crumbling rock drops him Haru appears to catch his arm and struggles to pull him up. Shuda says to forget about him and Haru protests. So Shuda starts to cut his arm off but after a few inspirational words from Haru he has second thoughts on letting himself die. That is until he loses his grip and begins to fall, but quick thinking allows Shuda to drive his sword into the rock to stop his fall and to climb back out. Haru struggles to continue with a battered and bruised body towards where Lucia is but collapses from exhaustion. Musica appears as he was told by Let to continue and leave Uta to him. He picks up Haru and helps him continue. Not long after, Ruby appears being chased by the bat that was hiding in his hat. Musica defeats it easily but Ruby continues to freak out thinking that he will die because he was bitten. When Ruby pulls out and complains that he can't open his elixir, Musica snatches it and pours it down Haru's throat. Ruby shuts up after he realizes the situation and forgets about his own pain.

As Lucia Begins to activate Overdrive the surrounding landscape becomes erratic and in the confusion Musica and Ruby find Haru missing. They automatically know that he had continued to fight Lucia and Save Elie and the rest of the world. Right before Lucia was about to sacrifice Elie, Haru emerges. Kicking Lucia away from her. And so the final battle between Glory and Raregroove begins. In the beginning, Lucia pulls out all the stops and changes his body to its combined form of himself and Endless. Haru and Lucia begin a brutal battle against each other until Elie tries to dispel the overdrive and it swirls together and creates Endless with Lucia and Haru trapped inside its body. During their battle, Lucia explains how he will be the ruler of the real timeline and how he will destroy this fake time. Lucia deals a blow to Haru using Dark Blue Crimson but Haru gets up (shaking though) as if it were nothing. Haru then deals Lucia a blow using Explosion and so the battle (and its banter) continue. Lucia then catches Haru off guard and pierces his stomach and as he lay there he explains how it was his ancestor Aciela Raregroove that was the last survivor in the real timeline and was the one to create this parallel timeline which was a great sin as Lucia calls it. Lucia calls this world a wrong world that shouldn't exist because of all the hatred and evil in it. Enraged Haru stands and denounces his accusations and as they clash once more. The Rave gathers all the energy from the cries of Haru's friends hoping for his victory which allows him to destroy Lucia's sword. Beaten, Lucia begins to fade away since he believes that this world does not hold his future no matter how much Haru says that it does.

Now, stuck inside Endless, Haru tries to find a way to escape but to no avail. After toiling for several moments Haru understands how things must end. He calls out Elie's name and she hears him. He tells her that he defeated Lucia and Elie tells him to come out and he reveals that there is no way out. That Elie must release Etherion and save the world at the cost of his life. Elie's cries saying that she can't live in a world without Haru. Because he promised they would all survive. Because he promised they would go to his island afterward. Haru convinces her that if the world was destroyed then so would all the happy memories they shared and that was something she just couldn't sacrifice. so she picked up her staffed and released Etherion. Destroying Endless and Haru but saving the world. In the final moments before his death, Elie told Haru she loved him and Haru said that he loved her too. After that moment, Etherion erased Endless and stopped the overdrive in a climactic explosion. Musica awoke to find Elie nearby but as he approached her he saw her look at Plue and get scared, calling him a bug. Elie gets amnesia once again.

One year later. The gang has reunited to come back to where the last battle was held. To pay homage to the greatest hero. With them, they brought Elie who had been told everything except anything that had to do with Haru. the warriors gave their offerings to the grave all thinking the same thing. "That he should be there, with them...with Elie. As if to answer their thoughts a great blast of energy rose into the sky and within it appeared the Hero, Haru Glory, resurrected by the Stellar Memory. Haru stumbled out into the group confused until he saw Elie. He approached her and told her "I'm Back." At that moment, all of Elie's memories rushed back into her mind from the dog races to the moments before she sealed overdrive. in a fit of tears, she tackled Haru saying "welcome home"

The story finally ends with Haru and Elie returning to Garage Island and not long after getting married. The replica of the sword Ravelt can be seen atop a brick wall, adorned with ribbons of flowers over the crew at their wedding. Peace had finally been brought to the planet after more than a century of turmoil.

Powers and Abilities

Haru's abilities remained standard as he grew stronger by besting in fights. After encountering Shiba, Haru's normal status must have boosted after inheriting the Rave from Shiba. Followed by obtaining the Ten Commandments, Haru's skills grew exponentially through each battle with growth and experience from mortal combat to swordsmanship

After defeating Shiba in his final trial for the Rave of truth, Haru's abilities as a full-fledged Rave Master has proved him powerful enough to defeat Berial in one strike.

  • Expert Swordsmanship: He trains with his sword every day to become stronger,
  • Enhanced Strength:
  • Enhanced Speed:
  • Immense Durability:
  • Hand-to-Hand Combatant:


Ten Commandments: The main weapon of the Rave Master which was carried by Shiba Roses for 50 years before the Rave chose Haru as the new successor. Haru's special power is Rave (also known as Holy Bring), but it's connected to the huge sword he carries, known as the Decaforce Sword, Ten Commandments, which he received from Shiba after learning that he was the new Rave Master. The Ten Commandments is named such because the main piece of Rave gives the sword the power to take on 9 other forms, while the original form was made by blacksmith Galein Musica.

  • Form 1 - Eisenmeteor: The original form of the Ten Commandments, it's a plain metal sword that can't be blocked from magic attacks. This was shown in the first confrontation between Haru and Sieg Hart.
  • Form 2 - Explosion: A sword with no proper cutting edge but creates a powerful explosion on contact with the enemy. It is Haru's first sword gained from Rave and his most commonly used. However, the shock of the impact is powerful to the extent that if Haru uses it in succession too much, it could possibly hurt or kill him.
  • Form 3 - Silfarion: This sword allows the Rave Master to become extremely light, granting great speed and the ability to create blades of air for long-ranged attacks. Silpharion can also be used with Explosion to create a special attack called "Bombing Dive" ("Twelve Wings of the Explosive Dragon") which fires explosive blades at the enemy. However, the Silpharion is relatively weak as a melee weapon and is no more than a normal sword for attacking. This form also allows Haru to catch his opponents unaware, though in Chapter 61 the sword is beaten by Racas, one of the Palace Guards.
  • Form 4 - Rune Save: A unique jagged sword which cannot cut anything physical but can cut things without a tangible form like lightning, fire, water or smoke. It can also be used to seal magic, and is used by Haru to seal Elie's Etherion. Later, in a battle between Haru and Lucia, Lucia uses his Decalogue Runesave to seal Haru's Runesave, making him unable to block Lucia's magic attacks.
  • Form 5 - Blue Crimson: The Ten Commandments splits into two blades with one having the properties of fire and the other having the properties of ice. The fire and ice can also be used as ranged attacks. To use the sword to its full potential, the user needs to be ambidextrous, making this sword hard to use for Haru since he is right-handed. This sword is also useful in fending off attacks from two opponents simultaneously. During his duel with the various members of Oracion Seis, Haru used Blue Crimson to fend off Berial and Reina's combined attacks. Ironically, Haru first uses these twin blades against Let, who belongs to the dragon race.
  • Form 6 - Mel Force: The sword of air, this form allows the user to fire powerful bursts of air at the enemy to blow them away and paralyze them.
  • Form 7 - Gravity Core: An incredibly destructive sword that is able to cut through very hard things. In its earliest use, the shock wave of the swing was enough to destroy several meters of reinforced steel. However, the tradeoff is its extremely heavy weight and thus requiring great strength to use. Although more powerful than Explosion, it's a very difficult blade to utilize. Haru usually jumps/swings up before switching to Gravity Core for maximum damage.
  • Form 8 - Million Suns: Meaning "the force of a million suns." A sword whose blade is composed purely of Light, the holy light generally blinds Haru's opponents and dispels darkness. Used by Haru to defeat Pumpkin Doryu and disabled the power of his Dark Bring.
  • Form 9 - Sacrifar: The most destructive of all the forms, Sacrifar is a frightening blade of bloodlust that trades the user's emotion and will for the power of Carnage. As the sword was not made for Haru (but rather Shiba), the sword will take over the user after some time. The sword gave him an enormous increase in fighting abilities, allowing him to effortlessly overpower a powerful fighter like Lucia. Since he only used the sword once, it is unknown what capabilities it would have after Musica forged a new sword for Haru.
  • Current Default/Form 10 - Ravelt [In anime called : Star Raver] : The most powerful form of the Ten Commandments. When Musica discovers that a tenth form of the Ten Commandments was never made for Haru, he takes it on himself to create one, using a piece of his Silver, leftover metal from the first Ten Commandments and a mixture of blacksmith and silver manipulation skills (he almost died from exhaustion in the process). Ravelt has the power to dispel evil and becomes the default sword, while still being able to transform and use the powers of the other swords using Rave. Later, Hamrio Musica uses Shiba's Ten Commandments to test Haru's Ravelt, only for the former to shatter to pieces upon contact.

Combination Moves

  • Haru can combine his sword abilities to create a variety of effects:
    • Explosion + Silfarion = "Sylpher Drive":
      • The most commonly used combination technique. It creates twelve swift explosions that Haru normally uses to quickly take out a large number of foes.
    • Runesave + Melforce = Rune Force:
      • Creates a tunnel through fluids. For the duration of the ability, the fluid will not flow into the tunnel allowing Haru passage. Haru has used this twice. Once to avoid falling into acid before Musica could save him, the second to strand the oni in mid-air by pushing away the sea before he unleashed Explosive wings.
    • Explosion + Blue Crimson = Dual Explosion:
      • Basically a double Explosion. It is likely this is more focused and thus more powerful attack than Silver Drive.

Rave Stones: Formerly called the Holy Bring, the Rave Stones are 5 mystical stones created by Resha Valentine through the immense power of Etherion. Rave was meant for only one person to use, the Rave Master. Only the power that created them can fuse it together, and once that happens the true purpose and power of Rave will be revealed.

One of Haru's special powers is the ability to use the Rave. Its main piece connects to 1st form "Eisenmeteor", which is the sword's default form of the Decaforce Sword, Ten Commandments, which he received from Shiba after learning that he was the new Rave Master. The Decaforce Sword (Ten Commandments) was created and formed by Galein Musica, storing each form within Rave's memory, as he forged the next. but being that Galein couldn't use Rave, he was highly irresponsible about it.

  • Shiba's Rave The first Rave Stone Haru obtains from Shiba by default. It enables the user superhuman strength, speed, agility, stamina, endurance and durability. Given enough time, it's possible that it can enhance these abilities even further as after months of being the Rave Master, Haru managed to defeat 1000 or more demons in one battle (though this may be due to Haru's own rapidly growing abilities). When Haru punches while holding the main piece in his fist, it can cause explosions on impact. This piece appears to be what grants Haru's sword it's various forms and contains the memory of each form, as after he gains a new sword, it retains all of its transformations.
  • The Rave of Knowledge provides Haru with warrior skills and techniques; if he is given a clue to something he can discover what it is easily. Its primary use is that it allows Haru to instantly realize the abilities of each form of his sword, granting him an effective degree of proficiency as soon as he unlocks each form (even in the middle of combat) without having to train.
  • The Rave of Combat not only enhances Haru's physical attributes even further, but it also allows him and Plue to project forcefields. This Rave is said to be Plue's exclusive Rave.
  • The Rave of Destiny allows Haru to speak with Sage Pendragon who is a Prophet. While having little use in direct combat, it gives him constant communication with Pendragon, allowing him to warn Haru of upcoming major events and telling him useful information to aid his quest.
  • The Rave of Truth speaks the truth; it revealed that Haru, up till Chapter 238, was not the true Rave Master. This led to a dramatic duel with the previous Rave Master, Shiba. It appears to possess little to no capabilities outside of determining the identity of the true Rave Master.



Their first meeting differs between manga and anime versions. In the manga, he is hidden by Elie at a dog racing track causing him to see up her skirt. In the anime, he peeks underneath Elie's skirt at the casino while looking for Plue. The scene in the anime occurs before the racetrack. Afterwards, Haru promises Elie that he'll help her find her memories. The following are examples that demonstrate how close Haru and Elie's bonds are.

When Lance is about to kill her, Haru shows up and blocks the attack with his sword, thereby protecting her. He promises her that he would always protect her at the expense of his own life. When Sieg Hart tries to kill Elie, he asks Haru to choose between saving Elie or the world. Haru declares that he will save both by using the Runesave to seal Elie's Etherion.

During the Symphonia arc, Haru and Elie have an awkward moment on the ship when Plue causes Haru to fall on top of Elie. When Lucia kisses Elie and causes Elie to cry about her first kiss, Lucia's act infuriates Haru. After an intense battle with Oracion Seis, Haru and others fight valiantly to save Elie.

In that final battle, Elie killed him with her own two hands but not intentionally. However after doing so, she lost her memories afterward which they were okay with. They thought it would be best for her.

A year later, Haru comes back to life. And Elie gets her memories back after witnessing Haru's face again. They embrace and finally kiss afterward they get married in the final chapter.

Hamrio Musica

The friendship they share is strong. The unspoken trust is always between them, there's no need to tell each other that. They always have a friendly competition as Musica is the strongest partner (to the point of being his equal), that Haru has. Musica forged Ravelt for Haru when he discovers that a tenth and final form of the Ten Commandments was never made for Haru, using a piece of his Silver and some tiring blacksmith skills, he succeeded in making the sword. Ravelt has the power to dispel evil, and becomes the default sword while allowing him to transform and use the powers of the other swords at once. A sword that Haru clearly cherishes.


Plue is pet snow dog of Haru.


  • Haru can be seen on Fairy Tail chapter 102, page 13 at the top left panel.
  • Fairy Tail's Erza Knightwalker's weapon Ten Commandments is very similar to Haru's weapon Ten Commandments; the main difference is that Haru's a sword and Erza's a spear.
  • Haru's appearance is similar to Fairy Tail's protagonist, Natsu.
    • Their naming follows Hiro Mashima's pattern for the protagonists: "Haru" meaning "Spring", "Natsu" meaning "Summer", and "Shiki" meaning "Four Seasons."


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