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Garage Island is a small island located in the Song Continent. It is the home and birthplace of the Rave Masters, Haru Glory and Shiba Roses.


Garage Island, a small, rural island a little south of the mainland of Song Continent. Shiba, the previous Rave master once lived on Garage Island, and Haru Glory, the current Rave Master, originates from Garage Island as well. Shiba once stated that Branch's slang was obviously of Garage Island. Then, another time, Shiba stated that Garage Islanders have black hair unless they are a "mixed-race" as in, one parent from another continent/place.

More About Garage Island

When Elie, Haru, and Sieg Hart were twisted into the past because of Resha's Tomb Haru was separated from them. Haru had saved a soldier who turned out to be Shiba in the past. Shiba stated that Haru's slang was of Garage Island. This proves that Garage Islanders have an accent different from others. Shiba also stated that Haru's hair was an unusual color for a person of Garage Island, stating all people of Garge Island have black hair. Shiba also said that he knew everyone of Garage Island, proving that Garage Island is small enough for everyone to know each other.

During the War of Symphonia and Raregroove

Garage Island is a very rural place. Quiet and peaceful. It was never harmed by the war between Symphonia and Raregroove. There was only one ship that had asked for volunteering men to be soldiers. Boton was planning to go until Shiba stopped him from winning in a battle against him and telling Boton Yuri was going to have his baby. In turn, Boton stayed on Garage Island while Shiba went in his place.

The Glory Family

Garage Island is the home of the Glory family, among others. After Gale Glory departed from Demon Card, he sought out for a new life. He met Sakura Glory, and they settled in Garage Island in a new house as a newlywed couple. They started the Glory family there. As a mere coincidence, that is the old home of the previous Rave Master, Shiba. There is a bar there that was run by a man named Boton, a friend of Shiba's. Boton had a child named Gemma, who is a friend of the Glory's.

Known Residents


  • The name of the island follows the pattern of all cities and towns of Song Continent, as in Garage Band.


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