Five Palace Guardians
Guardians of the Royal Palace



Ōkyū Shugoshin

Professional Status

Demon Card



Professional Status



Ron Glace

Former Members

Let Dahaka

Manga Debut

Chapter 56

Anime Debut

Terror! The Five Palace Guardians

The Five Palace Guardians (王宮守五神, Ōkyū Shugoshin) are an elite team of demonoids summoned from the Mystic Realm through King's Dark Bring, Gate to guard the inside of the Tower of Din.


King summoned his Guardians to the Tower of Din and ordered them to dispose of the intruders inside, except for Gale Glory whom King wants to deal personally.[1] After Elie and the others caught up with Haru, Ltiangle activates the Soul Palace to separate the group into the following fights.

  1. Solasido and Musica confront Ron Glace where Solasido defeats him only to face Ltiangle next, who defeats Fua.
  2. Elie, Remi, Plue and Griff confront Rionette only to get overpowered by his Shadow Doll, but were rescued in time by Solasido due to their sibling bonds connecting their divided areas. Rionete was defeated to the combined efforts of Solasido and Plue.
  3. Haru faces against Let where Haru prevails and confronts Racas next. But thanks to Let's advice, Haru manages to counter Racas's mind-reading tactics and defeats him.
  4. In the effort struggle, Musica manages to defeat Ltiangle thereby disabling the Soul Palace.

Following Let's survival and eventual defection, the Palace Guardians were disassimilated.


  • Like several villains leading up to them, all of their names are something in real life if you add "ma" to the beginning of the name, a play on the fact that they are all Majin ("Ma" meaning demon and "jin" denoting a person. Translated as "demonoid" in the English manga).
  • It is assumed that other than Ltiangle and Let that the remaining three are still alive. Whether the remaining Guardians died in the collapse of the Tower of Din or managed to escape is not told in the story.


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