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Feber is a former Demon Card soldier, previously under Shuda's command. He possesses the Dark Bring Full Metal.


Manga | Anime

Feber in the manga

Feber in the manga

Feber is a tall man, with a bulky, muscular form. He has strong jaws, with pronounced cheekbones and prominent chin--depicted to be a clef chin the manga. He grows his straight, brown hair all the way down to his neck, with some layers being shorter than the others. He has thin eyebrows of the same color, and a pair of deep brown eyes. Feber dons a moss green headband, bearing the Demon Card insignia in yellowish white color.

In the manga, Feber dons a black, long-sleeved shirt, on top of a white, collared button-up. His pants and shoes are black as well. In the anime, Feber is shown with a red, three-fourth, collared shirt with the sleeves rolled over his biceps. He dons a light gray belt around his pants which are a shade darker. His shoes are dark as well. When employing his canon, he straps it on his right arm, reminiscent of a mechanical arm.[1] When using his Dark Bring, his entire body becomes coated with sleek, silver metal.


Feber is an arrogant man who deals with most things through violence. He believes himself to be above others and has no respect for the elderly.[2] Despite his haughty nature, Feber is quite gullible, as he himself admits that Shiba, having deceived Feber with his poor disguise, had made a fool out of the Demon Card soldier.[3]


Intro arc

Feber arrives in Garage Island in search for Shiba Roses. When he finally chances upon the man, Feber is confronted by Haru Glory.[2]

Feber shoots Shiba

Feber shoots Shiba.

Eventually, Feber manages to track Shiba down in the forest and he demands the Rave Stone. Shiba introduces Feber to Haru as a member of Demon Card--an organization possessing the Dark Brings. Feber confirms this, and, strapping on his weapon, engages Shiba in battle. However, the latter's consequent inability to draw out the power of the Rave gives Feber the upperhand, and he shoots a powerful blast from his cannon through Shiba's torso.[4] After he collapses, Shiba hands the Rave Stone to Haru, and Feber demands for the object a second time. He is caught off-guard, however, when Haru rushes at him at incredible speed and throws him onto the ground.

Haru strikes Feber

Haru strikes Feber.

Haru delivers the final blow when he unconsciously employs the power of the Rave stone, effectively concluding their scuffle.[5][6] After their battle, Feber, lying helplessly on the ground, is confronted by his superior, Shuda. Feber relates of the happenings to his higher-up, leaving Haru out of the picture. Shuda then grants Feber with his old Dark Bring, Full Metal, in exchange for his victory against the former Rave Master.[7]

After he recovers completely, Feber heads to the Glory residences and blows up the household, taking sick satisfaction from the carnage.[8] Haru engages him in combat once again but is surprised when Feber employs his Dark Bring, his trump card, causing his body to be coated in steel. Haru attempts to strike him out, but the powers of Feber's Dark bring leaves him unscathed, even with Haru drawing out the Rave's abilities.[9]

Haru destroys Full Metal

Explosion destroys Full Metal.

Despite Haru being aided by the Ten Commandments, Feber still gains the upper hand in their fight with his extensive battle experience. He looks for something else to "destroy", and after he kicks Shiba aside, makes his way to Cattleya Glory. He moves but fails to stab her when she trips on a stone by accident and strangles her instead. This invokes Haru's fury, and he charges at the Demon Card member, unconsciously summoning the Explosion sword and initiating a strong blast, and consequently destroying Feber's Dark Bring.[10]

Dark Bring and Abilities

Feber uses Full Metal

Feber uses Full Metal for the first time.

  • Full Metal: Feber's Dark Bring allows him to transform his entire body into steel. The metal is strong enough to withstand even blows amplified by the Rave Stone's raw power, and gives Feber an additional boost to his attacks, significantly increasing the damage he is able to deal onto his opponents. Despite Full Metal acting as an armor of sorts, it is not entirely invincible, and consequent powerful attacks eventually led to its destruction.
  • Hand-to-Hand Combat: Despite his large build, Feber is quite nimble on his feet and easily dodges slews of attacks. He is able to keep up with the more agile Haru Glory during their brush-offs, and even gains the upper hand on their hand-to-hand battles. Such skills with direct, close-ranged fighting style maybe accounted to Feber's prior experiences in the field of combat.


  • Cannon: When in battle, Feber straps this cannon on his right arm. It is capable of shooting powerful blasts against his enemies when triggered. Made from Punk Street.[11]


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