Etherion (エーテリオン, Ēterion) is described to be the powerful and ultimate form of Magic in the Rave Master series. Its potential is described to rival that of god, for the purpose of destroying Endless.

Only Elie and Resha Valentine are the only humans capable of wielding and handling the magic. But the lowest probability of those given at birth remains, while there are those who tend to research and artificially gain the power but have failed in the end.


Season One

Season Two

Magical Abilities

  • Creation: To create the most powerful of things, such as the Holy Bring which is later unified as one.
  • Destruction: Said to even transcend the Overdrive, its destructive potential is said to be capable of transcending space and time and obliterate ninety percent of the world.


  • Memory Loss: Multiple usages of the magic may cause the user temporary damage to the memory.


  • In the Fairy Tail series, Etherion is known to be an extremely powerful magic weapon controlled by the Magic Council's authority.
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