Emilia Raregroove
Emilia Raregroove



Emiria Reagurōbu




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Light Salmon

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Demon Card

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Gale Raregroove (husband)
Lucia Raregroove (son)

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Chapter 65 (flashback)

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Episode 34 (flashback)

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Emilia Raregroove (エミリア・レアグローブ Emiria Reagurōbu) is the wife of Gale Raregroove and the mother of Lucia Raregroove.


Ehilst she was still alive, Emilia was a beautiful woman of average height with long light salmon hair, but looked short due to it being tied with a hair band, big blue eyes, thin eyebrows, thin lips and a pointy nose. She kept her hair tied up as a ponytail with two strands at the front jutting downwards, on either side, reaching up to her chin. She had a brown color necklace with a diamond in the center. She wore a long spaghetti pink dress with two golden belts tied around her waist, one being a little above the other, having a diamond similar to her necklace engraved in the center. She wore simple red high heels.[1]


Emilia protects Lucia

Emilia protects Lucia

Emilia seems to of had a kind persona as displayed when she greets Gale Glory as if he was a friend of many years ago.[1] She cared for Lucia Raregroove (Emilia's son), with her life as showed when she tried to protect him against the bullets from Slade's army and knowing how attached to her he, Lucia, was.[2]


Emilia and Lucia get shot by the army

Emilia and Lucia get shot by the army

Emila was Gale Raregroove's wife and Lucia Raregroove's mother. When Gale Glory returned to Marry Loose where Demon Card's Headquarters was located, at that time, she, while holding her son, welcomed him as if she had known him for many years. She tells Gale Glory that Gale Raregroove (Emilia's husband) speaks of him a lot. Same birthday and name, she states. However, she is shocked when Gale Glory explains that the only reason he came back was to stop his former best friend, Gale Raregroove, from mixing Demon Card with the Dark Bring.[3]

Gale Glory leaves. Some time later; that same day, without warning, Demon Card's Headquarters is attacked by Slade. Both Emilia and Lucia are killed in the assault, scarring Gale Raregroove for life.[4] Though Lucia, her son, was thought to be dead, he later appears as the Dark Bring Master, the Rave Master's greatest enemy.[5]


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