Deep Snow





Human (enhanced by Type-56)


Male.png Male


10[1] (physically 25)[2]


178 cm


68 kg


December 11, 0056

Hair Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Demon Card Mark.png Demon Card
Oración Seis

Previous Affiliation





Gale Glory

Special Skills



Hardcore Base


Oración Seis member

Previous Occupation

Empire's Northern General


Oración Seis



Base of Operations

Demon Card Headquarters
Imperial Headquarters (formerly)

Personal Status



King (adoptive father)

Special Skills
Dark Bring

Zero Stream

Manga Debut

Chapter 79

Anime Debut

Episode 44

Japanese Voice

Yūsei Oda

Deep Snow (ディープスノー Dīpusunō) is a member of Demon Card who was sent to spy on the Empire, where he raised to the rank of Northern General.[3] He is King's adoptive son, and was made one of Oración Seis by Lucia Raregroove to fill Shuda's vacant place.[4] Debute in Episode 44.


Deep Snow color.png

Deep Snow's appearance is that of a young man of average height. He has spiky azure hair parted to the right, flowing downwards and then jutting sideways, with two short strands framing his slightly angular face,[5] and light-colored eyes, topped by linear black eyebrows, which he usually keeps half-closed. During his time as Northern General, he sported a par of earrings, each consisting of a tear-shaped pendant secured to a plain circle.[6] Embedded in his well-built torso, exactly between his pectorals,[7] is the Forbidden Type-56 Dark Bring, whose presence makes the surrounding veins bulge.[8]

While Deep Snow's outfits have changed throughout his appearances, his trademark headgear always retains the same features, undergoing only slight modifications: it takes the form of a large and notably tall hat, meant to hide from sight the man's Six Star Dark Bring, which hangs from a thin, tiger-patterned headband circling his forehead.[9] While acting as an Imperial General, he wore a short-collared black coat, colored white on the inner side, with light blue sections covered in thin black motifs running down from the shoulders to the similarly-colored cuffs (which sported a series of squared indents on the upper edges, in a form reminiscent of merlons), over a grey tunic, which bore the Empire's symbol, crossed out by two black bands, on the black-edged, squared piece of fabric hanging over his lower body. His light blue, baggy pants were tucked inside black boots with thick pale brown soles, and his hat was completely black, with only the slight hint of a brim, extending down to his nape on the back. Following the revelation of his true allegiances, Deep Snow donned a long dark cape, colored light on the inside, embroided with Demon Card's symbol.[10] Lucia's crowning had him wear elegant ceremonial clothes, a light cape closed on the right side by a shell-like clasp and an ornated hat reminiscent of a mitre, with side sections extending down to his shoulders.[11] His last outfit is entirely light in color, and consists of a high-collared tunic, reaching down to Deep Snow's knees in two split angular sections and sporting large, flaring sleeves ending in wavy edges, over a feet-long garment. His hat has Demon Card's symbol embroided on the front and a long, wavy tassel extending from the upper back.[12] He wears plain boots,[13] and started donning a cape identical to the one he wore upon joining Oración Seis, but with an inverted colorscheme.[14]


Deep Snow mantains a calm, level-headed and respectful persona as both an Imperial General[15] and an Oración Seis.[16] He retains this demeanor even in battle or when faced with apparent danger,[17][18] reacting accordingly without changing his neutral expression.[19][20] As a spy, he has no qualms about tricking others and turning on those who considered him an ally (even brutally slaughtering them with his own hands),[12] and shows no emotion at all in horribly disfiguring foes with his Six Star Dark Bring;[21] on the other hand, ordering his subordinates to kill the Underground group had Deep Snow undergo a rare change of expression, taking on an evil visage.[22] In stark contrast to his ruthlessness, he can openly and sincerely acknowledge his failures,[23] as well as praise his opponents' skills[24] (though he did look down on Shuda's strength, insulting him in Haru Glory's presence[25] and then treating him in a condescending way at the beginning of their fight).[26][27] Deep Snow's most distinctive trait is his boundless, uttermost loyalty towards King,[28][29] his adoptive father, which remained unwavering despite his belief that King, rather than loving him,[30] was afraid of his power.[31] Stemming from such devotion is his respect for Lucia, King's biological son, whom he has sworn to protect,[32] as well as his willingness to lay down his life for Demon Card.[33]


Shortly after his birth, the nameless child that would come to be called Deep Snow underwent experiments from the Demon Card scientist Igor Kilkila inside a remote base in the Hardcore Mountains: he had a Forbidden Dark Bring, the Type-56, embedded in his infant body. It's at this point that a distraught King, roaming the remote area without a purpose, found him. Having been told by Igor that the baby had no name, the man held him in his loving arms and gave him the name Deep Snow, as a homage to the snowy environment he resided in. After two years (roughly five physically-wise due to his enhanced growth) under King and Igor's tutelage, the boy was attacked by a wolf. To defend himself, he unknowingly unleashed the potential of his Dark Bring, causing a earthquake and shocking the former Demon Card leader.[34] More years passed, and Deep Snow was sent to the Empire as Demon Card's spy, rapidly raising to the rank of Northern General.[16] The young man took this action as King's way to exile him,[35] unaware that the true goal of his adoptive father was to have him live a peaceful life, far away from the organization and its evil goals.[36]


Deep Snow rose within the ranks of the Empire, becoming their Northern General. He conspired to have the being known as the infamous "Blonde Demon" (King's presumed-dead son Lucia, who was corrupted and strengthened by a piece of the Mother Dark Bring Sinclair while in captivity) released from 66th basement of the desert prison Mega Unit and unleashed against the growing number of enemy organizations, but was overruled by the Western General Jade. After Lucia became the new ruler of Demon Card, Deep Snow returned to the organization and was appointed as the replacement of ex-Demon Card member Shuda within the group known as the Oracion Seis, but not before using his powers and intimate knowledge of the Empire to wreak havoc on their headquarters. Later, as part of Demon Card's "Project: Dark Rendezvous", Deep Snow would annihilate the Empire HQ entirely, as well as recruiting a quarter of their army to Demon Card.

Deep Snow was next seen leading a group attempting to retrieve for Demon Card the Sinclaire piece "Vampire" at the possession of the Rave Master Haru Glory and his friends. They thought they had their chance after an earlier attempt by the Oracion Seis member Jegan and his army of dragons softened up the group, but they were foiled in this endeavor by the untimely arrival of Shuda himself. He and Deep Snow would do battle, with Shuda eventually prevailing after much difficulty, with the help of the divine sword "Heavenly Blossom" (which Haru's father Gale entrusted to him), and the strength of his own convictions. Afterwards, a defeated Deep Snow pleaded with Shuda to end his life, but before he did, Shuda decided to tell Deep Snow the real reason why King sent him away to the Empire...

During Shuda's time as a member of Demon Card, he overheard a conversation between King and the Oracion Seis member Haja, who requested that Deep Snow be brought back to strengthen their forces in the south, which was in danger of falling to resistance forces. King forcefully denied this request, but in contradiction to Deep Snow's previously-held beliefs, he explained to Haja that we wanted to spare Deep Snow the path of evil and, if at all possible, live a life of peace. More importantly, he told Shuda that he thought of Deep Snow as his own son.

Deep Snow breaks down emotionally after this revelation, and Shuda spares his life, leaving him to an unknown fate.


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