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The Dark Bring (ダークブリング, Daaku Buringu) (Shadow Stones in the English dub, DB for short) are the evil magical stones scattered across the world of Rave Master. These stones are harnessed by many antagonists in the series, while centered around the Demon Card organization, later becoming the revived Raregroove Kingdom.


They generally take the form of dark purple stones of any size and shape (some had even been accessorized by their owners into various ornaments) that steadily give off a faint purple to pinkish glow from time to time.

Powers and Abilities

All Dark Bring Stones are unique in which each houses a different superpower; this unique power varies from person to person some of which had been shown to be a manifestation of the wielder's will or inherent strength. Each of them is given significant names in relation to their respective powers.

Based on their level of power, Dark Brings are separated into different groups and ranks. If the Dark Bring is repetitively used too much, it will corrupt the user, although not necessarily turns them evil.

The true source of the Dark Brings' power all connect to Endless, whose existing purpose is to destroy all parallel worlds.


It is not impossible for Dark Brings to be "purified", as Reina's White Kiss becomes fused with Musica's silver as a testament of their love and bond. Furthermore, Ravelt is formed from the union of Musica's silver and Reina's "purified" Dark Bring. At some instances where Reina's spirit appear alongside Musica, White Kiss is seen adorning her left arm. "Purified" Dark Brings' connection to Sinclair/ Endless are also severed as a result, and they provide immunity towards other Dark Brings' power, even Mother Dark Brings, as Girafe is unable to twist Musica's silver spear with his Dark Bring, and Doryu is unable to use Vampire on the same weapon, much to the shock of both. When Endless is destroyed, all Dark Brings across the world shatters in the blink of eyes while White Kiss remains intact on Musica's silver skull necklace.


Dark Brings are indestructible by any conventional means including any weaponry and magic. General Jeid mentioned that even the Empire's most powerful weaponry are unable to even scratch a single one.[1] They can only be destroyed by three methods confirmed.

  1. The Rave Stones: Only the holy power of the Rave can destroy them
  2. Plue's nose: For unknown reasons.
  3. The will of Mother Dark Brings.

List of Dark Brings

Still in Progress

Name DB Rank Element Faction User(s)
Endless ??? ??? N/A Lucia Raregroove
Sinclaire Mother Darkness Demon Card Lucia Raregroove
Anastasis Mother Darkness Blue Guardians
Demon Card
Vampire Mother Darkness Doryu Raid Squad
Demon Card
Last Physics Mother Darkness Onigami
Demon Card
Final Story Mother Darkness Four Great Overlords Asura
Zero Stream Six-Star Demon Card Deep Snow
Ballettänzer Flare Six-Star Fire Demon Card Shuda
Yggdrasil Six-Star Wood Demon Card Jegan
White Kiss Six-Star Wind Demon Card Reina
Armure D'Etoile Six-Star Water Demon Card Julius
G-Earth Six-Star Earth Demon Card Berial
Full Metal ??? ??? Demon Card Feber
Waltzer Flame ??? Fire Demon Card Shuda
Smoke Bay ??? ??? Demon Card Georco
Real Moment ??? ??? Demon Card Lance
Angry Blitz ??? ??? Demon Card Go
Vanish Field ??? ??? Demon Card Shuda
Glue Tear ??? ??? Demon Card Poosya
Submarine Soil ??? ??? Demon Card Zahrshippe
Compass Code ??? ??? Demon Card Gnet
Black Zenith ??? ??? Demon Card King
End of Earth ??? ??? - -
Needle Pain ??? ??? Demon Card Ron Glace
Gate ??? ??? Demon Card King
Decalogue ??? ??? Demon Card King

Lucia Raregroove

Transparent ??? ??? Demon Card Ltiangle
Rhythm Counter ??? ??? Demon Card Racas
Shadow Doll ??? ??? Demon Card Rionette
Monster Prison ??? ??? Demon Card King
Warp Road ??? ??? Demon Card King
Giant ??? ??? Doryu Ghost Attack Squad Franken Billy
Double Vista ??? ??? Onigami Yanma
Stone Roses ??? ??? Onigami Gawara
Through the Wall ??? ??? Onigami Gok
Bone Knight Reverse ??? Doryu Ghost Attack Squad Mummy
Noah's Wind ??? ??? Doryu Ghost Attack Squad Lilith Nina
Death Poison Doryu Ghost Attack Squad Orochi
Used Sound Demon Card Range
Sound Canceler Demon Card Sopra
Sky High Onigami Gob
All Crush Doryu Ghost Attack Squad Crush Cookie
Type-56 Demon Card Deep Snow
Dux Dormir Blue Guardians Chien Viverin
Hard Breath Blue Guardians Lievre
Machinery Blue Guardians Koala



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