Dancing Hero
Dancing Hero



Danshingu Hīroo

English Dub Title

Sound of Thunder, Part 2

Japan Air Date

December 22, 2001

English Air Date

August 21, 2004

Adopted from



Dancing Thunder arc

Opening Song

Butterfly Kiss

Ending Song

Kohaku No Yurikago
The Power of Destiny

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Dancing Hero is the 11th episode of the Rave Master anime. It first aired on December 22, 2001 and the English version on August 21, 2004.

Elie arrives at Thunder Mansion. Go mistakes Elie as the Rave Master. Go shows off his super strength and his good looks, which doesn't seem to impress Elie. Haru Glory arrives at the Thunder Mansion, accidentally knocking Go unconscious. Rosa, able to make males dance uncontrollably, explains to Haru that Go is starring her in a movie in which is rains continuously. Elie and Rosa engage in a battle.


Haru looks for Elie

Haru searches for Elie

Haru and Plue keep running after Elie, trying to catch up with her, Haru feels as if danger was coming their way. Once Elie arrives at the Thunder Mansion, she notices the Demon Card symbol engraved on the wall. However, she states that, this is the thunder mansion, and that the thunder man is here. Elie prepares her Tonfa Blasters, in preparation for battle. She walks towards the gates, in front of her, when she reaches another gate, she says that the iron gate in front of her, looks heavy. However, suddenly, the gates open. Elie walks in, behind her the gate locks its self, and she is left in a dark room. A man calls out for the "lights" continuing with "action". He greets Elie telling her that his name is Go, and that he has been expecting him. He then notices that, Elie, is not a man. Go orders his crew around, telling them to start again.

Go states that, he though, the Rave Master was a strong guy, but was relived to know is just a girl. He then tells two of his crew members to fix Elie up, they give her a complete makeover. While Elie is removing the makeup, she remembers the man with blue hair. Soon, Go starts the scene again. Meanwhile, Elie decides to leave, but Go gets up and begins to walk towards Elie.

Go flashing his muscle

Go flashing his muscle

Elsewhere, Haru and Plue are running towards the thunder mansion. While Elie is trying to force open, the gate, Go comes behind her. Elie asks him if he could open the door for her, to which he denied, and instead punch the iron gate, demonstrating his monstrous strength. Go begins to flash his muscles at Elie, and his crew claps him. Elie then explains to him that she is not the Rave Master, that there has been a misunderstanding, and tells him that she came here to find the thunder man. Go tries to prove his super strength once more by using his "Storm Attack" on the iron wall, leaving many marks on the door. Go turns around and sees and unimpressed Elie, telling her to prepare herself, as she is about the witness, the Go Hurricane Attack. As he is about to use the attack, Haru knocks down the door, using his Explosion Sword, behind him, sending Go flying across the room. Elie is overjoyed to see that Haru came. Haru asks Elie what is her business with the thunder man. She then tells Haru that it was a mistake, as Plue jumps on her.

Chino waits for Haru

Chino and his mother wait for Haru.

Elie tells Haru that they can leave now. However, he tells her that he still has an issue to deal with. Haru begins to call out for the thunder man. However, instead, a beautiful young woman walks in. As she walks down the steps she asks Haru for his name, at first, he tells her "Glory Haru" but then corrects himself telling her "Haru Glory." Back at Ska Village, Chino is looking at the road, as his mother, Lasagna, tells him that he will catch a cold if he stands in the rain for too long. Chino then apologizes to his mother for getting mud on his clothes, she tells him not to worry about, since they will be getting a clear blue sky soon. The old man, however, disagrees, telling them not to get their hope up.

Haru dancing

Haru begins to dance.

Back at the Thunder mansion, Rosa snaps her finger and music begins to play. She begins to dance, and soon after, all the men in the room also begin to dance. Plue in addition begins to dance, Haru then states that Plue must be a man, since Rosa's music only makes males dance. However, Plue stops dancing and walks away. Rosa then stops the music and all the men fall to the floor, exhausted. Haru asks Rosa to stop the rain, but she quickly dined his request telling him that it was for their movie. Haru tries to explain the condition of the village, but Rosa ignores him and keeps on talking about the movie. She then snaps her fingers again causing all the males to dance once more.

Elie vs. Rosa

Elie Vs. Rose

Rosa challenges Elie to a fight, calling her the Rave Master. Elie begins to take out her Tonfa Blasters, but surrenders right away. Rosa takes out a long knife and chargers towards Elie, they both clash. Rose then uses her Dancing Wolf attack, and begins to chance Elie with it. Haru tells Elie to keep on running and try to evade Rosa's attack. However, Rosa states that you can't run away from Dancing Wolf's attack. Elie falls, with the Dancing Wolf behind her. She picks up her Tonfa Blasters and shots it down. She then begins to shoot everything, she hits the music tape, making it go faster, causing the males to dance quicker.

Go punches Rosa

Go punches Rose.

Rosa's Dancing Wolf goes out of control and heads towards her. Elie, however, grabs it and manages to stop it, before it hit Rosa. Rosa is questioning Elie's action, but Elie tells her that they are both alike when it comes to protecting their friends. Elie then asks Rosa if she could stop the rain, she says that she would ask go first, but assures them that he always listens to her. Rosa begins to call his name in-order to wake him up. Go opens his eyes and punches Rosa sending her flaying across the room, Haru jumps to catch her. Go gets up and questions why was Rosa on the floor, and why she had a wound on her face? He instantaneously blames Haru and challenges him to a battle. He orders one of his crew member to get him his hammer. Haru tries to explain to him that his girlfriend, Rosa, said that she would stop the rain. He does not believe him. Haru takes out his Eisenmeteor Sword and prepares for battle, but he suddenly falls to the ground from all that dancing he was forced to do earlier. Go tells him to get ready to feel the power of his Dark Bring.

Characters in Order of Appearance

  1. Haru Glory
  2. Plue
  3. Elie
  4. Go
  5. Go's crew
  6. Sieg Hart (Flashback)
  7. Rosa
  8. Chino
  9. Lasagna
  10. Elder

Battles & Events

Weapons and Abilities used

Weapons used

Dark Brings used

  • None

Techniques used

  • None

Abilities used

  • Enhanced Strength
  • Hand to Hand Combat

Items used

  • None

Manga & Anime Differences

  • In the anime, after Go realizes Elie is a girl, when he "cuts the scene" he brings in makeup people to "fix" Elie's face with make up, and they end up making her look like a clown. In the manga, this does not happen.
  • In the dubbed version when Rosa and Elie were fighting (While Haru, Plue and the men were dancing) a few seconds were cut out of the episode where Rosa knee buts Elie in the stomach, however you can still see the impact and Elie crouching down holding her stomach in!


  • At this point, the anime is up to Manga Volume 4.


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