Conclusion! Victorious Explosive Sword
Release the Beasts, Part 5



Kecchaku! Shouri no Bakuhatsu no Ken

English Dub Title

Release the Beasts, Part 5

Japan Air Date

November 24, 2001

English Air Date

July 17, 2004

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Lance arc

Opening Song

Butterfly Kiss

Ending Song

Kohaku No Yurikago
The Power of Destiny

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Conclusion! Victorious Explosive Sword is 7th episode of the Rave Master anime. It first aired on November 24, 2001 and the English version on July 17, 2004.

Haru hesitates as he is able to charge into Galein Musica and Lance with his sword. Haru defeats Lance afterward by knocking the sword out of his hands. Lance surrenders, begging for his life to be spared. However, he attempts to kill Haru, but to no avail. Haru then decides to destroy Lance's sword.


Jade appears

Jade appears

A Mysterious man and his army look down on Punk Street as they say that they must bring justice. Meanwhile, Galein Musica is still holding Lance telling Haru to use the Ten Commandments sword, as Lance questions Galein if he is planning to betray Demon Card, to which says that he never had an alliance with them, Lance tells him that he will pay and attacks him with his sword. Haru tells Galen to let Lance go, but he kept holding him down. Galein asks haru one more time to finish Lance off before he can get away and reminds him of what lance did to the Musica family. Haru, hesitating, gets ready to use his sword, he runs towards Lance and Galein. However, instead of piercing his sword through Galein and lance, he destroys the dark bring instead. Haru lets Lance fight with him sword to sword, and Haru defeats him easily. After lance admits defeat Haru let him live and tells Galein that if he is not satisfy he can hit him, Galein smacks Lance to the wall, and says he will forgive him for killing his family 15 years ago.

Haru breaks Lance's Dark Bring

Haru breaks Lance's Dark Bring

Haru collapses due to the explosion fatigue but he tells Elie that he will be okay, Elie supports Haru on her back. Outside of Punk Street, Jade and his group of soldiers get ready to infiltrate Lance's headquarters. Galein is asking himself if it was finally over while he looks at Lance and turns to leave. As the warriors leave, Lance tries to attack Haru, but Haru fends him off. After knocking out Lance, Galein demands Haru to kill him once and for all. However, Haru uses explosion to destroy Lance's Beast sword instead. Afterwards Haru falls to the floor once again.

Musica Vs UDCM

Musica Vs. Demon Card

While Haru and his group talk, Lance's soldiers are planning to take down Haru and his group since they are weaken. but before they attack, Hamrio Musica uses his silver claiming skills and defeats them. First, he uses a spear, then a whip, and then he uses a spear for the finishing blow on Lance's soldiers and sending them flying. As Galein looks at Musica fight he thinks about their name and if it was possible that there was another Musica alive.

Elie helps Haru

Elie helps Haru

General Jade and his army arrive and bang on the door asking them to open the door or they will be force to knock it down in 5 minutes. However, Jade tells them to break the door down now. While the guards keep on banging the door with a hammer, Haru and his group leave, through a ceiling, with Musica's help, before the army catches them. General Jade notices the Dark Bring is destroyed which means there is a Rave Master on the loose. At the hospital, Haru is laying on a bed, as the other watch. Galein then tells Elie that Haru needs mouth to mouth, Elie agrees and as she approaches Haru, Haru wakes up and she rapidly moves away and then launches a punch at his face. Moments later, the group celebrates Haru's victory.

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