Charging Into Death Storm
Charging Into Death Storm



Desusutōmu Toppa

English Dub Title

All Aboard, Part 3

Japan Air Date

August 10, 2002

English Air Date

June 12, 2005

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Symphonia arc

Opening Song

Higher and Higher

Ending Song

The Power of Destiny

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Charging Into Death Storm is the 44th episode of the Rave Master anime. It first aired on August 10, 2002 and the English version on June 12, 2005.

Hebi enters the air casino in a gas mask, to take the crew back onto the airship of the Silver Rhythm Gang. Plue requests that Ruby should board the airship as well. The gang heads to Symphonia.


Hebi to the rescue

Hebi to the rescue

Hebi tells the others that he went aboard Ruby's ship sensing that something bad had happened. All the guests had already left the ship, and the ship was filled with a weird gas he says. Furthermore, he explains that Elie, Haru, Musica, Let, Griffon Kato and Ruby were all collapsed. Additionally, he reveals that Plue was the one who told him to take Ruby with him, and the Jiggly Butt Gang. However, Hebi decided that he will only save Ruby. Nevertheless, Musica thanks Hebi for saving them. When Musica asks Haru and Elie if they can remember anything, they tell him that they can't remember anything that happened. Seconds later, Griff questions the others if his nose is bent. The others look at him and begin to laugh at Griff's angled nose. Once Elie calls Ruby a seal, he gets up and exclaims that he is not a seal and tells them his name, Ruby.

Ruby tells the others he owns the Empire Gate

Ruby tells the others he owns the Empire Gate

Ruby begins to remember what Billy told him, angering him. Haru conforms Ruby by telling him that is not his fault, since he did not know who he was giving the money to, and vows to protect him. Musica, however, tells Haru not to fool him, since they will kick him out of the ship. Let support Musica, stating that they don't have enough money for themselves, and for a penguin. Elie corrects Let, calling Plue a bug, Griff a deep sea fish, and calling him an alligator. He agrees with her, leaving Griff and the others surprise. Ruby shows everybody a bag of jewels, telling them that if it's money they need he will give it to them. Musica and Let decide to let him stay. Musica asks Ruby if he will help them get through the Empire Gate. Ruby tells them not to worry about paying, since he owns it, this leaves the other speechless.

Generals' Base

Generals' Base

When everybody leaves the room, Ruby stops Let, asking him if his name is "Let." He asks him if he is a subhuman. Let walks away telling him that it's none of his business. Back in Ruby's ship, Billy, Lilth and Wolf are planning on what to do next. Elsewhere, the generals are having a conference about Demon Card's destruction. They begin to talk about the teams that have gained more power after Demon Card was defeated. The strongest team being Onigami fallowed by Blue Guardians and finally Doryu's team. Deep Snow offers that if the demon on the 66th basement level of the prison Megaunit is set free; he can defeat all the teams.

Sieg's Reaction

Sieg's Reaction

Meanwhile, Sieg Hart is at the Megaunit, and he sees a guard trembling on the floor. He asks him what happened. The guard says is "A me!" alarming Sieg. Back at the conference, Jade does not approve of Deep Snow's idea. The guard tells Sieg Hart that "The Blond Demon" escaped from cell 66. He also informs Sieg that the blond demon, said he was going to Symphonia. Sieg heads down to the cell, to investigate. Once there he is surprised to see all the writing on the walls. Back at the Silver Rhythm Gang's airship, Haru learns that Plue's nose is a weather satellite. As the team gets closer to Death Storm, It begins to rain. Hebi comes outside to inform Musica and the other that there are two ships behind them. Musica recognizes both the ships. Before they get a change to attack Haru's group, a black reddish lighting engulfs their ships, making the ships disappear.

Doryu's Gang Returns

Doryu's Gang Returns

Ruby informs them that, the ship that attacked the other two ships is Doryu's team. The storm shakes causing the others to lose their balance. Haru looks ahead, and sees the Empire Gate. However, Doryu's tea fires a big attack aiming for the empire gate, achieving to destroy it. Nevertheless, Haru decides that they must continue. After a few little arguments, the others decide to support Haru and head into the ship to get through Death Storm. Haru and Plue decide to stay outside and lead the way into Symphonia. Elie hears a thunder and remembers a voice.

The Blond Demon

The Blond Demon

The generals are amazed to know that the Blond Demon has already destroyed many towns in only four days. They see a projection, of the place where there is over 100 soldiers. Once they turn on the projector, they see The Blond Demon, and all the soldiers defeated. The generals stare at the projection in awe. Meanwhile, the Silver Rhythm Gang's airship begins to break apart. Let and the others try their best to help Musica navigate the ship. A big wave begins to approach them. Haru, however, uses his Rune Save, enabling them to cut through the storm. In her room, Elie begins to remember herself inside a ship, asking the man next to her if she is going to die.

Haru comes to get Elie in her room, notifying her that they made it through the storm. Elsewhere, The Blond Demon, is asking a man how to get to Symphonia and then kills him, asking him if he is lonely.

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