Chapter 94


Translated Title

Kioku no Tobira

English Title

Memory Door

Volume #12

Symphonia arc

Anime Episode

The Door to the Memories

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Memory Door is the 94th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

Sieg Hart leads Elie and the others to a secret location that can awaken Elie's memories. Elie and the gang discover a skeleton that has the same pendant as her. Deep in the forest, Elie finds Resha Valentine's grave.


Sieg Hart explains to Haru and the gang about Lucia and Demon Card's goals, obtaining the five pieces of Sinclair. When Sinclair is restored, Lucia plans to enter Star Memory. Sieg Hart warns Haru that Mother Sinclair is drawing out all the evil from Lucia in creating the perfect evil human being to wield Dark Bring to its fullest potential. In order to defeat Lucia, Sieg Hart states that the Rave must be restored to its original form. Shiba is not able to defeat Mother Sinclair because the Rave is incomplete. Since Resha had died, the only way to restore the Rave back to its true form is using Etherion's powers. When Musica mentions that Sieg Hart was bent on killing Elie to prevent Etherion from wreaking havoc, Sieg Hart states that Etherion can be controlled to do good things. Sieg Hart tells Elie that he will awaken her memory. He points to Elie's tattoo and explains it's a set of geographic coordinates, ELIE 3173. Griffon checks his map and says that the coordinates are north of their location.

Elie's Pendant

Elie's Pendant

Upon arriving to the location, the landscape suddenly changed from a barren landscape to a forest. A skeleton pops out in front of Elie. Sieg Hart states that the empire could not detect this magical field because it was waiting for the right person to come along. He mentions that this place has been sealed off for 50 years since Over Drive. Ruby finds a pendant around the skeleton's neck and points to that the pendant is similar to Elie's. Elie states that she got the same pendant from Bonita City's Heart Kreuz. Elie flips her pendant that reveals her name and date engraved: "Heart Kreuz 0096.2.11 Elie." Haru turns the skeleton's pendant around and finds the same engraving much to everyone's shock. Let spots something in the distance. Elie decides to go through the forest by herself. She finds a grave that has Resha Valentine's name engraved on it.

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