Chapter 9
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Densetsu no Kajiya

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The Legendary Blacksmith

Volume 2

Lance arc

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Legendary Blacksmith Musica

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The Legendary Blacksmith is the 9th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

Haru, Elie, and Plue reach Punk Street, where Elie entertains herself in a casino, while Haru and Plue dine in a nearby restaurant. There, they meet the famous Blacksmith Musica who agrees to reforge the Ten Commandments in two days, if only Haru would stay away from his place. On the other hand, Elie comes across a group of thugs, with their leader named Musica.


Punk street arrival

The trio arrive in Punk Street.

Haru Glory, Elie, and Plue at last arrive in Punk Street. To Haru's never ending amazement, each and every citizen carry an assortment of firearms, and Elie informs him that Song Continent becomes more perilous, the farther west one heads. Elie then leads them to a casino, but with their conflicting interests, they separate ways and agree to meet in a neighboring diner instead.

Musica and Plue

Plue finds a drinking buddy.

Elie busies herself with gambling for their funds, and Haru and Plue fill themselves with food. As they dine, however, a drunkard begins to cause a ruckus, demanding liquor and refusing food. Haru elects to ignore him, but when Plue unexpectedly sneaks onto the drunkard's table and downs a bottle of alcohol, Haru forcibly takes his companion away. The man protests, and Haru argues that they have to search for the blacksmith Musica.

Musica introduces

Musica introduces himself.

To his surprise, the alcoholic offers to lead them to Musica. His inebriation, however, keeps him from walking on his own, and not only is Haru forced to carry him, the Rave Master also shoulders the man's tab. Eventually, they arrive at the man's home where Haru, tired of the drunks' shenanigans, douses both the man and Plue in cold water. Sobered, he introduces himself as the very blacksmith they had been looking for. He agrees to reforge the Ten Commandments, on the condition that Haru leaves him alone for the next two days.

Hamrio appears

Another Musica appears.

Once the Rave Master heads out, a Demon Card foot soldier, Bis, arrives to collect the sword. When he finds the Rave stone is still in Haru's possession, he becomes upset and warns Musica not to get on the bad side of Lance. Meanwhile, Elie, satisfied with her winnings, overhears a group of men and someone named "Musica".

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