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Egao no Mahō

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The Magic of a Smile

Volume 2

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The Rave's Heir

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The Magic of a Smile is the 8th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

After Haru defeats Georco, he and Elie talk about their individual goals, and he learns about her memory loss. He vows to help her, after she informed him of Musica's whereabouts. Out of happiness, Elie accidentally fires powerful blasts from her Tonfa Blasters, causing the stadium to collapse. While the two run away, now headed to Punk Street, Demon Card's Shuda wonders if Haru could stand a chance against the Beast swordsman, Lance.


Georco's defeat

Haru defeats Georco

As Haru Glory successfully takes out Georco, his underlings flee in great fear of Elie's worsening temper. After Elie destroys practically the entire stadium in an effort to appease her frustrations, Haru thanks her for saving him. Elie then proceeds to ask if she could keep Plue, addressing the latter as a bug, even commenting how nice of a pillow he would make, which comically appalls Haru.

Elie memory

What Elie has lost are... her memories

Plue frees the other dogs, as Haru and Elie converse about their reasons for being in Hip Hop Town. Haru states that he is looking for someone by the name of Musica, and Elie replies that the blacksmith could easily be found in Punk Street, a good stop to buy weapons. Haru asks her to join him in his search, promising to help her afterwards in exchange, but Elie sadly turns down his offers.

Elie causes an explosion

"I couldn't help it. I was happy!"

Haru insists, but Elie reveals that what she had lost are actually her memories. He is extremely flabbergasted at this, and Elie proceeds to tell her tale. She reveals to have lost her memories over a year ago, and that she travels all around the globe in hopes that someone may eventually recognizes her. Despite this, Haru still asks her to tag along, assuring her that two people can find something faster.

Elie finally takes up his offer, but notes worryingly that with her life savings all gone, it would be impossible to leave Hip Hop Town. Haru, however, says that with Demon Card gone, there would be no need to pay the tolls. In her excitement, Elie fires at the remains of the battered stadium, causing the entire arena to completely fall apart. The duo is saved by Plue, driving a wagon pulled by the dogs he had befriended earlier.

Shuda appears

Lord Shuda appears

Meanwhile, in the moving fortress Rhapsodia, by the western Wasteland of the Song Continent, Lord Shuda inquires on Haru's whereabouts, and, upon discovering that the Rave Master is headed for Punk Street, wonders how the latter will handle the Beast Swordsman Lance. On the other hand, as Elie is finally fed up with Haru's constant refusal to let her have Plue, she violently chucks the dog at Haru. As he chases her around in retribution, Elie silently thanks the Rave Master.

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