Chapter 54
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Translated Title

Geiru to geiru

English Title

Gale and Gale

Volume 7

Tower of Din arc

Anime Episode

The Head of Demons, Gale!

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Gale and Gale is the 54th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

Solasido worries for Haru. Elie and Musica notes that Haru is not like that. Musica then sets off to find Haru in the Tower of Din, with the aid of others.


Solasido wonders where Haru could have been. Elie says that something is not right as they have searched everywhere and still, they cannot find him. Musica then says that he can't believe that Haru went off all by himself. He then tells Elie to prepare as they will find Haru again, claiming that he can't wait around for him to come. He says to Solasido and Fua that they have to bring them to the Tower of Din, to which Solasido says that it is dangerous. Musica says that there is a slight possibility that the Gale they are talking about maybe Haru's father, to the surprise of Solasido and Fua.

The gang goes to help Haru

The gang goes to help Haru

Lady Remi then comes, asking if all the things that Musica said are true. She wonders if Haru and Gale really shared blood, it might refer to a prophecy. Solasido explains to them and concludes that Haru and his father can change the world's fate. Lady Remi says that she must go to the Tower of Din, but Fua says that it is too dangerous. Elie then claims that Remi will be under her protection, much to the disbelief of Fua. Musica interrupts them, saying that his best friend's life is at stake and they should go already. They then prepare to go and help Haru.

Meanwhile, Gale slashes Haru with his sword. Haru asks why did he do that. Gale tries to strike again, but this time, Haru stops it. He then questions his father if he really is with Demon Card. As the Demonoid army continued to cheer on Gale, he warns his son about the ground swimmer trying to attack. Haru starts to wonder why Gale saved him.

King appears

King appears

Gale then runs towards the entrance of the Tower of Din, saying that he finally got his chance to attack and defeat him. A figure appears, revealing to be King.

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