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Travel Trouble!?

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The Rave's Heir

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Travel Trouble!? is the 5th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

Upon arriving at Hip Hop Town, Plue is kidnapped by a man, as payment for the lollipops he had eaten from him. Haru Glory searches for Plue, and finally finds him competing in a dog race. As Haru attempts to save Plue, he is confronted by several of the man's underlings, and later on, by a Demon Card member, Georco.


Hip Hop Town

Hip Hop Town

On their way to the mainland to search for a blacksmith named Musica, Haru Glory is surprised to see Plue's nose deflated, and realizes that their journey of seven days has consumed all their food source. Eventually, the duo reaches shore and winds up in Hip Hop Town, a place by the southern tip of Song Continent. Haru is struck by the vastness of the city, and even more by the thick throng of people.

Plue is kidnapped

Plue gets kidnapped

Plue, however, gets lost in the crowd, and when Haru finds him, the dog is eating lollipops from a man who accuses Plue of consuming 30 pieces of candy (in reality, only five), and charges Haru 500,000 Edels for it. Haru adamantly refuses to pay him, and the man suddenly kidnaps Plue, taking him as payment instead.

Plue competes

Plue is a competitor

Haru searches for Plue in vain, until nightfall. He comments that if it had only been in Garage Island, he would have easily tracked his companion. As he is about to give up, a commotion in a nearby stadium catches his attention, and Haru discovers, with a strong queer feeling, a dog race. He is shocked to see Plue amongst the competitors, and even more when the dog refuses to run, and instead of heading back to the gates and sits down. Plue is taken away by an official, who prepares to beat him up for not contending as Plue apparently should have.

Seeing this, Haru grabs a nearby metal plate, and, using it as a board, rushes into the scene. He knocks away the official, and calls for Plue to run away. Plue, however, had fallen asleep. Haru is confronted by several of the official's underlings, and the commotion is observed by a Demon Card member, Georco, who eventually meets Haru in person, realizing him to be the Rave Master.

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