Chapter 28
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Kamereon· panikku! ?

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Chameleon Panic?!

Volume 4

Shuda arc

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Mysterious Assassin

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Chameleon Panic?! is the 28th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

The gang gets lost within the caves along with Dr. Schneider, eventually coming to a stop to rest their tired bodies. Meanwhile, Shuda is informed by Rugar and Poosya that their hired assassin has come in contact with the Rave Warriors. Lurking in the shadow, a mysterious figure hides its presence from Haru and the others.


Fallowing the group

A mysterious man follows the group.

After Haru and Elie are being led into the caves by Dr. Schneider, Shuda is being informed by Rugar and Poosya that the assassin had made contact with the Rave Master. Shuda smiles in satisfaction, claiming that the game must begin. Meanwhile, a young man walks near Haru's group, holding a knife in his hand. The group starts to get lost due to the caves' puzzling layout; they encounter three paths, pondering which to take. Elie suggests that they ask Plue, much to Dr. Schneider's confusion. Haru agrees and Plue elects a path, with the group following shortly after him.

After a great deal of walking, they begin to feel exhausted. Dr. Schneider suggests they take a break, with everybody agreeing. Plue and Griff begin to sleep, followed by Elie, Haru and Dr. Schneider, who says goodnight to Haru before dozing off. Meanwhile, the young man seen earlier is following them and repeats Schneider's words. He then starts to change his position, running to a place much near to the group, hiding close to Haru, claiming that the time has arrived.

Musica defeats Schneider

Schneider is defeated.

Dr. Schneider starts to wake up, checking if the others are still asleep. He then pulls out a sickle, aiming it at Haru, only to be stopped by the young man previously following the group. Haru and the others begin to wake up, with the former left speechless at the fact that Schneider's true identity is that of an assassin sent to kill them. As the young man starts to fight Schneider, Haru and Elie notice that they are paralyzed. Schneider makes them recall the vaccine he gave them, revealing it to be a paralyzing potion. Schneider and the young man continued fighting, only for Schneider to be defeated by him. Haru then asks the mysterious man if he is really with Demon Card, with the man removing his mask and using silver to tie Schneider up. Removing his cape, he asks Haru if he is just a distant memory, subsequently revealing himself to be Hamrio Musica. Haru, Elie and Plue cheer in happiness as they re-encounter the Silver Claimer once again.

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  • Knife
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