Chapter 23
Cover 23

エリー de ルンバ!

Translated Title

Eri de rumba!

English Title

Boppin' with Elie!

Volume 4

Dancing Thunder arc

Anime Episode

Dancing Hero

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Boppin' with Elie! is the 23nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

With Haru and Plue incapacitated by Rosa's hip music, Elie and Rosa duke it out. When Elie stops Rosa's chain sword from hitting Rosa, Rosa decides to stop the battle. As she tries to wake up Go, so she can have him stop the rain, Go accidentally knocks Rosa out. Go wakes up to see his beloved Rosa down and challenges Haru to battle.


With Haru and Plue busy dancing, Rosa engage Elie in combat. Haru tries to tell Rosa that she got the wrong person. As Rosa attacks Elie, who quickly defend herself with her tonfas. She asks what she has done to her, though, Rosa knees Elie in the gut. The two girls exchange blows and insults until Elie jabs Rosa in her gut with her Tonfas.

Elie stops the chain

Elie stops the Dancing Wolf

Rosa whips out her chain sword that extends and rebounds towards Elie. When it chases Elie relentlessly, Elie blasts the sword. Before the sword could fly towards Rosa and hit her, Elie stops it with her bare hands. The music stops, and due to it, Haru and the others are free. Rosa asks Elie why she would help her. Elie replies that she understands that a girl's face is everything. Elie asks Rosa to stop the rain if she wins. However, Rosa admits she lost. As she goes to wake up Go and asks him to shut the machine, Go involuntary gives Rosa an uppercut. Go wakes up to see Rosa knocked out. He grabs his mallet and challenges Haru. Haru cannot get up due to his legs exhausted from dancing earlier.

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