Chapter 22
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Translated Title

Danshingu Hīro!?

English Title

Haru Gets Down!

Volume 4

Dancing Thunder arc

Anime Episode

Dancing Hero

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Haru Gets Down! is the 22nd chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

Elie finally confronts the man of thunder but is greatly surprised to find a different person instead. Haru arrives in the nick of time to rescue Elie and consequently knocks out Go in the commotion. They are then confronted by Go's girlfriend, Rosa Splash, who has the ability to force all the males to dance with her music. With her powers, she takes Haru out for the count, and challenges Elie to a battle, having mistaken her for the Rave Master.


The "Thunder Man" Go.

As Haru and Plue rush to save Elie, the latter finally arrives in the Thunder Man's lair. She easily gains entrance as the gates were left unlocked, but was caught off guard when she came upon a pitch black room and was suddenly and grandly welcomed by the Thunder Man Go himself. Both Go and Elie are surprised upon meeting one another, the former having assumed a male intruder (and consequently ordering his men to rehash their scripted entrance), and the former expecting an altogether different person.

Rosa appears.

Elie sheepishly proceeds to leave but Go arrogantly refuses to allow her. He takes the opportunity to display his strength by punching and denting his iron gates, but Elie is nonplussed, which further infuriates Go. As he begins with a seemingly dramatic and serious attack, Haru arrives with an explosion that sends Go flying and breaks the iron gate of his fortress. The blast knocks Go unconscious, and Haru is instead confronted by Go's girlfriend, Rosa.

Haru is forced to dance.

In retaliation, she employs her Dark Bring, forcing all the males in the room to dance. Plue begins to dance along as well but when Haru calls him out on it, he abruptly stops. When Rosa finally ceases the music, Haru demands that she puts an end to the rain. She explains that she could not do it because the rain was required for the movie they were filming, with Go as the director and Rosa as the star of the film.

Haru is enraged over her explanation and proceeds to shut down the set. Rosa, however, uses her Dark Bring once more, rendering all the males useless. She challenges Elie, having mistaken the latter as the Rave Master. Haru is extremely worried but believes that Elie in a rampage can win over Rosa.

Characters in order of appearance

  1. Haru Glory
  2. Plue
  3. Elie
  4. Go Rockwell
  5. Sieghart Caeser (mentioned)
  6. Rosa Splash

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