Chapter 21
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Harenai Kokoro tachi

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Gray Clouds Over My Heart

Volume 3

Dancing Thunder arc

Anime Episode

Thunderous Recollection

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Gray Clouds Over My Heart is the 21st chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

Elie tracks down the man of thunder to exact revenge, after he had struck her with lightning and left her to die over a year ago when she has had no recollections of her self. Haru chases after her, followed by Chino who reveals that the thunder man is a member of Demon Card. Haru promises to defeat the man of thunder, and rushes on, hoping that Elie is safe. Meanwhile, Elie arrives at the manor of the man of thunder.


Elie charges out into the downpour, with Haru Glory rushing after her and Lasagna warning them against pursuing the man of thunder. Fueled by rage, Elie outruns Haru, much to the surprise of the latter, as she recalls the incident of a year ago.

Sieg strikes down Elie

The Thunder Man strikes down Elie.

One year ago, at the west of Song Continent, Elie had awakened with no memory and a severe headache. She was confronted by a a man who had ignored her queries and had opted instead to shoot her down with lightning, claiming his thunder was the answer. He had left Elie for dead, but she survived the attack. She had eventually seen the branding on her arm, and though still without a clue of how she had come to be, thought the mark must be her name.

Meanwhile, Haru loses sight of Elie in the torrent, as well as the way back to the manor. At this point, Chino hurls a stone at the Rave Master, having given chase to the latter to deliver his weapon. They get into an argument where Haru says he simply wants to get Elie back and not fight the man of thunder, but Chino insists that Elie's apparent connection with the thunder man means she is also a member of Demon Card. Upon knowing the affiliation of the mysterious man, Haru has a change of mind. Before he leaves, he makes Chino promise to stop antagonizing the frogs whom he thinks of as demons and swears that he will show the younger boy blue skies.

On the other hand, an underling of the man of thunder catches wind of The Rave Master's arrival., and warns his seniors about it, who respond with arrogance at the news of Haru's approach. Haru rushes to the manor, hoping that Elie remains safe. At that moment, Elie arrives at the house of the man of thunder.

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