Chapter 20
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Sekai de Ichiban Tsumetai Ame

English Title

The Coldest Rain

Volume 3

Dancing Thunder arc

Anime Episode

Thunderous Recollection

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The Coldest Rain is the 20th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

The unrelenting rain forces Haru, Elie, and Plue to take refuge in the gloomy Ska Village, as Griff and Tanchimo chart their course. Elie becomes extremely anxious at the sound of thunder, and Haru checks them in at a local hotel to wait for the storm out. Haru wanders around town briefly and comes across Chino, a boy who has never seen the clear blue sky and is on a fruitless mission to kill the "demon". The hotel owner and Chino's mother, Lasagna, informs Haru that the rain has not once let up in the last five years, ever since the man who controls thunder moved in. Upon hearing this, Elie suddenly but determinedly charges out into the downpour.


Elie in fear

Elie trembles in fear.

Five days into their journey, Haru Glory and Elie entertain themselves over a video game, Milky Way 3D, where Haru is thoroughly beaten. Griffon Kato warns them of an impending storm, and prompts Haru to activate their "roof". At this, Griff suddenly expands, serving as a makeshift umbrella for the group. When a sudden, violent streak of lightning barely misses the group, followed by a deafening boom of thunder, Elie breaks down. They take refuge in the nearby Ska Village, intending to wait for the rain out.

Chino wants to kill the demon

"If only I could kill that demon..."

Arriving at the village, Haru is disconcerted by the town but nevertheless checks in at the local hotel, Hotel Ska. The owner Lasagna provides them with towels but cryptically says that waiting for the rain to hold up may take a while. Haru and Plue decide to explore the town, and in their search for an umbrella, comes across a strange boy who was attempting to get rid of a demon (in actuality, a mere frog). When Haru stops the boy from attacking the frog, the latter becomes irate, shouts at Haru, and runs away.

Ska Village rain

"This rain will never end."

One of the residents tells Haru that his efforts are fruitless, for the boy has never seen a clear blue sky. He warns the Rave Master to leave the village, a place that is of cold and death. Haru returns to the hotel to find the same boy, Chino, being scolded by his mother, Lasagna. Later on, Haru finds out that it has been raining ceaselessly in the village for the last five years, leading Chino to believe that killing frogs will end it.

Man who controls thunder

The man who controls thunder.

Lasagna reveals that the rain began when a man, capable of controlling thunder, moved into the village manor. Upon overhearing this, a furious Elie suddenly rushes out of the house.

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