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Out of the Plue

Volume 3

Dancing Thunder arc

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Plue's Secret

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Out of the Plue is the 19th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

Haru, Elie, and Plue travel north with their bizarre guide, Griffon Kato, and his horse, Tanchimo. At one of their stops, Plue mysteriously deflates, upsetting Haru and Elie into a heated argument. At nightfall, Elie decides to bring Plue to a veterinarian, all the way back to Punk Street by herself, and gets attacked by a monster along the way. Haru arrives at her rescue, and the two eventually make up. Later on, Elie learns that Plue deflates because of the heat, without knowing that Griffon is spying at her while she bathes.


Griff explains their course

Griffon explains the group's course

Without a clue of their direction, Haru Glory, Elie, and Plue travel north with their unusual guide, Griffon Kato, and his even more peculiar pet, Tanchimo. Haru is surprised when Griffon, nicknamed Griff, addresses Plue as Master Plue, and more so when his horse has been put on "autopilot". Nevertheless, Griff has been relegated as the group's navigator. He explains that they are currently in between Punk Street and Ska Village, and they are due Experiment, the largest capital on Song Continent, which is a little past Ska Village.

Plue is shriveled

Plue deflates

As they journey on, Elie surprises Haru by claiming that she feels she has seen the Rave stone before. He is incredulous over her claims, which prompts an argument and Elie to leave for the hot springs, taking Plue with her. She warns Haru not to take a peek, but Griff is apparently ready for this and even has a pair of binoculars strapped across his head. In the hot springs, Elie vents her frustrations and attempts to make Plue's nose spin, believing it to be a drill. As she did this, however, Plue suddenly shrivels, causing her to screech and alarming Haru and Griff.

Haru protects Elie from a monster

Haru protects Elie

Haru and Elie attempt various, comical means of restoring Plue to his shape, including feeding him, pumping air into him, and burying him in the ground, but to no avail. Agitated, Elie decides to take Plue back to Punk Street to see a veterinarian. She ventures alone, believing the ordeal to be her fault, but neglects to put on shoes before she left, and comes across a monster at some point. Haru, however, arrives in time to save her. As he bandages her feet, they makeup and agree to head back together.

Elie hugs a normal Plue

Plue returns to normal

At this point, Plue suddenly returns to normal. Elated, Elie decides to celebrate by returning to the hot springs, where she discovers that Plue actually shrivels because of the heat. Unbeknownst to the duo, Griffon spies at them and concludes that Plue eventually resumes his shape after getting some sleep.

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