Chapter 17
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Ikoi no Kage ni

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Sweet Dream and Bitter Kisses

Volume 3

Lance arc

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Conclusion! The Victorious Explosion

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Sweet Dream and Bitter Kisses is the 17th chapter of Hiro Mashima's Rave Master.

Hamrio Musica defends an unconscious Haru Glory from a troupe of Demon Card underlings wishing to take the Rave Stone from him. As he finishes, the Imperial Army arrives in the scene, shocked to find not only Lance's entire unit wiped out, but his Dark Bring destroyed as well. As Haru recovers from his wounds, his group celebrates until dawn, when Hamrio proceeds to leave. Haru stops him, and inquires about what connection the Silver Claimer shares with the renowned blacksmith.


Lance's unit attacks

Lance's unit attacks...

After a grueling battle with Lance, Haru Glory collapses in exhaustion. The Demon Card underlings then take this chance to steal the Rave Stone in hopes of receiving promotions. Hamrio Musica, however, steps in and effortlessly defeats their lot, revealing himself to be a Silver Claimer, one who is capable of manipulating silver. Elie cheers Hamrio on, addressing him as Musica, and Galein Musica is taken aback upon hearing the lad's name.

Hamrio takes out Lance's unit

...but Hamrio easily takes them out

As Hamrio finishes the last of the Demon Card soldiers, the Imperial Army arrives at the scene, demanding the Beast Swordsman Lance, who is being summoned to the Imperial Headquarters. Elie, having seen no reason to run away from the police, wishes to explain the events instead, which both Musicas disagrees on. Hamrio crafts his silver into a chain, and whisks everyone away in the nick of time, just as the army breaks in Lance's house.

The unit's general assesses the situation, and comments that not even the empire's most powerful weapon should be able to scratch a Dark Bring, much less actually destroy it. He adds that only the Rave is powerful enough to obliterate a Dark Bring, the very weapon used to combat them some 50 years ago. He wonders, however, as to what living soul could even wield it.

Hamrio silver claimer

Hamrio Musica, the Silver Claimer

Meanwhile, Haru remains unconscious, even after being treated by Galein. Plue forcefully shoves a lollipop in his mouth, which appalls Hamrio. Galein, however, is enlightened by Plue's antics and exclaims that perhaps artificial restoration may do the trick on Haru. Hamrio immediately disagrees, but Elie takes up the suggestion, and bashfully leans in closer. Just before she could fully connect her lips with Haru's, the Rave Master wakes up, greets Elie, and gets hit by her out of embarrassment.

Haru wakes up

Haru regains consciousness

When Galein inquires on Haru's condition, he explains that he feels terrible, for he has never felt this hungry before. The group parties until dawn, where only Hamrio remains awake. He proceeds to leave, when Haru stops him, asking about Hamrio's relationship with Galein.

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