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Cattleya Glory
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カトレア グローリー


Katorea Gurōrī


Karaoke Queen of Garage Island
Katleya Glory (English Dub)




Female.png Female








August 5th, 0046

Hair Color


Eye Color


Blood Type


Professional Status

Her family
Cooking and doing Laundry


Branch (deceased)

Special Skills

Karaoke (Self-Described "Best on the island")


Garage Island

Personal Status



Shuda (Lover)
Haru Glory (Brother)
Gale Glory (Father; deceased)
Sakura Glory (Mother; deceased)

Special Skills

None (Used to do a little kendo)

Manga Debut

Chapter 1

Anime Debut

Episode 4

Japanese Voice

Satsuki Yukino

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Cattleya Glory is the elder sister and, after the death of their father Gale Glory, the only living relative of Haru Glory. Cattleya is the "Karaoke Queen" of Garage Island. She was the initial driving force behind Haru's strong sense of justice, as he felt he needed to "protect" her.


Cattleya is a young woman of average stature. She has a voluptuous figure, and a striking resemblance to her late mother, Sakura. Cattleya would often don light colored tank tops that emphasize her bosom, and pair with it short skirts. Her feet are clad in a pair of low-heeled, black sandals.

Cattleya is fair-skinned. She has straight, long black hair which she keeps in a low ponytail. Shorter strands of her hair fall over the side of her face and grows inches past her chin. Her fringes run across her forehead, with the longer strands reaching down to her chestnut eyes.[1]


She is a bit of a spitfire and is very good with domestic chores like cooking and cleaning. Filling the void her parents left behind, Cattleya was forced to fulfill the role of both parents at a young age. She loves Haru with all her heart and tries her best to keep him happy. Although she keeps his best interest at heart, Cattleya's love for her brother, at times, clouds her judgment. She is not below keeping the truth from Haru if it means protecting him.[2] Regardless, she remains supportive of her brother's decisions, and willingly backs down if she knows she is in the wrong.


Cattleya bids her father goodbye.

When Cattleya was merely five years old, her father, Gale, left their island to search for the Rave stones. A tearful Cattleya wishes him the best of luck, and tells him to come back soon.[3] Years later, however, their mother Sakura died, and with Gale yet to return, an almost orphaned Cattleya has taken on the role of both parents in order to care for her younger brother, Haru.


Intro Arc

While visiting the grave of their late mother, Cattleya admonishes her younger brother, Haru, who was excitedly relating something to her. He shows her his catch—a peculiar white creature with carrot-like nose—and Cattleya refers to the creature as a dog, given his four legs, and monosyllabic pattern of speech. The creature follows Cattleya and Haru on their way home, where they are greeted by Nakajima, another strange being. Cattleya suggests that Plue is a dog, which further shocks Nakajima.[4] Later on, Cattleya reminds Haru to be back by dinner, after the latter takes Plue out for a walk.[5]

Cattleya's refusal.

After Haru delivers an unconscious Shiba Roses to their home for recuperation, Cattleya prods on the series of events that led to the man's current state. She comments that Haru return Plue to his rightful owner, but Haru disagrees and shows Cattleya the Rave stone. The sight invokes Cattleya's fury, and lashes out on her brother, prompting him to run away. After he leaves, Cattleya confides her sentiments with Nakajima.[6] When Haru finally returns home, Cattleya is uneasy but nevertheless in agreement with Haru's decision to send Shiba home. Moments later, a massive explosion rocks the house, and Haru introduces the intruder as Feber of Demon Card.[7]

Later, when Feber defeats Haru and Shiba, he advances towards Cattleya and prepares to stab her. She narrowly misses the blade by tripping on a stone. Feber, however, strangles her, and Cattleya cries for Haru.[8] She is rescued when Haru rushes to her and employs the Explosion sword.[9] After the battle ceases, Cattleya's apparent conflict with Haru's destiny leads to the latter's refusal to become the Rave Master.[10] She eventually questions herself whether this is the right thing to do.[11]

Haru's promise.

As Gemma recuperates, for the second time, in Cafe Tsubomi, Cattleya worries about the conflicts of the mainland finally reaching Garage Island, but reassures herself that peace will eventually return to their island. At this, Haru inquires about the truth of their father, and a shocked Cattleya is unable to answer.[12] After Gemma has finished his story, Haru's growing determination to inherit the Rave stone disheartens Cattleya, who walks out of the establishment without a word. [13] She heads to her mother's grave, where she falls asleep and is found by Haru later on. There, he tells her his decision to pursue his destiny as the next heir to Rave. When he leaves, Cattleya, pretending to be asleep, sobs as she wonders to herself if letting him go is the right decision.[14]

On the day of Haru's departure, Cattleya reassures the worried Nakajima that Haru's decision is the right thing to do. To brighten the sombre mood, she teases Nakajima about marrying him, greatly flustering the latter.[15]


  • The role Cattleya played was originally planned to be Haru's uncle but Hiro Mashima decided to change it to a sister since he thought not having any female characters appear in the first four chapters would have been "tacky".[16]
  • Cattleya is the very first character in the series to refer to Plue as a dog.[17]


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